Prompt; Permit

People should have to get a permit to own a pet. There are way too many irresponsible pet owners and way, WAY too many cats.

A stray cat came to my house and I’ve been caring for it to find an owner. I really do not want this cat; I hoping beyond hope I can find her a home.

I’ve been posting on Facebook everyday to keep it going, to please help me find a home….  One of my neighbours responded; “Just keep her until it gets warm then she can become the neighbourhood stray.”

My eyes crossed, my blood boiled, I imagined all the things I would write about how irresponsible, cruel and just plain stupid that is. I merely put on the ‘wow’ button.

Permit me to tell her off here; This cat is here because someone is irresponsible. I really don’t think she’s lost because every neighbour and all their neighbours beyond have been contacted. She’s on three local sites; buy’n’sell and lost pets. and people are sharing it. Anyone looking for her would have found me by now. I’m sure she’s been dropped off.

So I’ll just get her used to this house then toss her out. Let her have babies to make more and more stray cats.  Male cats will smell her pee and come around spraying. She will look for a safe place to have her babies…… it will be here, in my woodshed or under the porch.

Please look up on the internet; “Wild birds killed by domestic cats”.  Cats are predators. I love my wild birds and squirrels. They eat seeds. There is a murder of crows who knows who I am. I’ve seen a slow-moving possum eating the cracked corn the birds don’t want. In the spring there are snakes and moles and baby everything.  I won’t include raccoons here; I’ve had terrible experiences with raccoons from feeding stray cats outside!

OK, thanks, it helps to blow off a little steam. Not that I haven’t yelled it at her in my house. I’ll admit to double-barrelling third digits at my neighbours on a regular basis in the safety of my home (but I’m always polite when I see them).

It snowed all day Saturday and Sunday. It’s heavy wet snow that I can’t shovel. The guy that does my driveway is away.

It’s just me and the cat.

3 thoughts on “Prompt; Permit

  1. Have you thought of putting signs up around the neighborhood (e.g. “Found: Cat”)? I doubt the cat is feral and probably ran out the door of wherever she was living and got lost.

    • I just got my driveway cleared out this afternoon. tomorrow I’m putting out flyers at the local gas station and laundramat. Around here and on the Reserve, Facebook is very, very popular. All my neighbours and their neighbours have shared my notices. But, yes, that’s my next move.

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