Sexy Scent…. for cats

About a month ago there was this phantom scent that would waft by me. A sour, acrid scent that was just beyond my memory…. “what and where is that coming from?”

At first I was afraid it was me, sweating from hot flashes in my microfiber throws and pillows. For the next few days I laundered them all along with my house coat, slippers, work shirts by the back door, anything I could find that hadn’t been laundered in while but still that stinky scent would waft past me in the kitchen or living room.

Even at work I thought I smelled it but by that time I had gotten obsessed going around the house like a bloodhound, sniffing everything. It was driving me crazy.

It was four or five days before the scent worked through my memory files and the light bulb went on. Cat come. Male feline spray.  I was taking wood from a pile what was about a foot off the ground.

The cold must mask the smell a little because I never noticed it taking the wood into the house. But once it warmed by the wood stove the odour would rise up, get into the ceiling fan which would blow it onto the couch or into the kitchen. It moved around like a phantom appearing in different places.

Problem solved when I used up that pile of wood. Hopefully he won’t keep coming back. (pardon the pun)

Cat spray is one awful scent: its hard to believe it could be so pleasing to a female cat.


Wood/ Would

I would like to talk about how much I love firewood. Everything about firewood; getting it, stacking it, bringing it in the house, burning it and poking it.

It’s not cheap but it’s cheaper than propane and WAY cheaper than electricity. This year I’ve spent $465 on wood but much of that will be for next year, too.  I have a propane furnace which would cost me about $400 a month if I didn’t supplement that with wood heat. But I sure love that furnace in the morning!

I buy ‘body’ wood or pre-cut and split big pieces and also slab wood which is very cheap from the local sawmill. This way I have small pieces and don’t have to worry about splitting wood which I don’t do. I tried it once and started to cry.

delivered and dumped on my driveway
stacked in the wood shed

But that’s enough about wood.


Years ago I was in a store playing country music and heard this; (I wish you could hear it in the country drone)

“Remember when we said ‘I do’, you did but now you dooon’t….”

True! And so funny I used it whenever I made fun of country music. I wrote the next line;

Remember when you said you could, you would but now you wooon’t….”


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January is: “wood/would.” Use one, use both, use them any way you would like. Have fun!

SoCS: wine glass? or glass pipe?

There is such an hypocritical attitude in our society between alcohol and marijuana and it really bugs me. So many people still think getting drunk is fun, funny and entertaining. It isn’t if you aren’t the drinker.

The other day I was watching Ellen and there was  little video of a coffee machine making cocktails. It shows a working mother starting with one in the morning and then another….. she calls in sick and gets stumbling drunk. Everyone was roaring with laughter. I didn’t find this the least bit funny. Not only that; what if that video was a mom with a bong? From DeGeneres to degenerate. (I couldn’t resist using that)

All those memes on Facebook like “it’s wine o’clock!”. People falling out of cars saying how much fun they had last night; its not only acceptable but pushed.

I quit drinking alcohol over thirty years ago because when I drank, I didn’t stop drinking. Alcohol turns off the part in my brain that says, “you’ve had enough” and I’m pretty sure I’m not unusual in that respect from what I see. Not only that; alcohol turned me into someone I don’t want to be. With marijuana, I’m still myself.

Marijuana is known for making people ‘paranoid’. To me, that’s the part that says, “you’ve had enough” and it’s almost immediate. There’s no smoking so much you get stumbling around, saying stupid things. If you smoke too much you fall asleep. You don’t say anything stupid because you are afraid everything coming out of  your mouth might be stupid. There’s no waking up in the morning with a hangover wondering what you did last night to embarrass yourself. There is no hangover because you aren’t poisoned.

Soon it is going to be legal. Remember in the recent past when gay people getting married became legal? In my lifetime, attitudes have changed completely. I sure hope that happens with pot.

Have you ever seen those lit up cabinets with fancy wine glasses in it? Well, now we can have a fancy lit-up cupboard with glass bongs and pipes in it. People will admire them and say ,”oh, how lovely!”. We can say to our guests, pick out a pipe or bong and have a smoke with me and we’ll be classy and elegant!

I’m not going to do that; I don’t have enough room in my kitchen for a special cupboard and I rarely ever have guests. I just really want to point out the Great Hypocrisy.

And I want to add a footnote to all those people who don’t need to do anything because they are so high on life;  good for you!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January is: “glass.” Use the word “glass,” or find something that’s made of it and use that in your post. Have fun!


Pulled/ Puzzle

Five days ago I had a tooth pulled and still feel like poop. There is a gaping hole in the back of my mouth that aches and has little spikes of stitches……  oh god…. stitches are the worst thing me.  That’s what make my knees go rubbery.

Mid-January was not a good time to have a tooth pulled. Its gloomy; we’ve had no sun for weeks and very little snow which is a fluke; the snow has been missing us while storms rage around us. Its been great for driving to and from work but it’s grey and desolate looking. It’s a recipe for depression.

The sun can barely make it above a line of cedars along the south side of my house. By the time it reaches the end of the line it’s already setting. Soon however it will rise a little more each day and start hitting my couch in the afternoon. Time to pick out a puzzle. As the sun starts coming in I can position myself for optimum exposure by working on a jig-saw puzzle.

oh, boy. Something to look forward too.

Please excuse my poopy post….. it’s mid-January.


Ticket and Coats: SoCS

I don’t often buy lottery tickets because I rarely even get one number. But I had two tickets for the LottoMax $60 million draw yesterday. A little while ago I went onto the website for the winning numbers and had, not only four numbers, but the first four.

10…. check


18…. omg

19…. OMG OMG OMG!!!

Then it bottomed out.   I won a big $20.  but it is the closest I’ve ever come by far.

Yeah, I know the SoCS prompt is ‘coat’ but I really wanted to tell you that. That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a while.

Today I’m off work but I have to put on my super-coat, go out for gas at the rez (that’s Canadian for Reservation) and see if I can get a black cardigan at the Bargain Store. We are allowed to wear a black cardigan over our cotton shirt because it’s freezing cold at work. If I’m on a half hour break I cut it short to get back to the oven.

I bought my super-coat last summer at Costco. It has a removable down liner under a sturdy waterproof shell and is so warm. I like my black, sleek winter coat better because its different from everyone else’s but it’s not as warm as my new one.

Pretty boring, eh? That’s why I’m not doing Just Jot it January. I really just wanted to tell you about the ticket.


Tempted to Vent

Today I’m tempted to tell the whole world and everyone in it to go fuck themselves. Ever get in that mood? Its been happening for a few days now and I can’t seem to shake it.

Not you, my readers. I appreciate having a place where I can air my “go fuck yourself” attitude without damaging any relationships.

If I had the money I’d be tempted to book myself a nice sunny get-a-way: I’m sure that would cheer me up. However, I can’t afford it with my part-time minimum wage job that I need to pay my bills.

But according to others its just a fun, little job that I do to get out of the house. Gosh, I can do until I’m 70! Wouldn’t I like the extra cash?

And when I’m working cleaning the bakery at night and really, really tired apparently I’m not cheery enough when someone gives me more work.

It’s been a week where I’ve thought, “oh yeah, that’s why its better to be alone.”

This blog is called sixty, single and surviving because that is my life. I’m on my own, working part-time in a grocery store. It’s not fun, it’s not easy.

This time of year is the hardest because of the lack of sun. It’s gloomy and I have nothing to look forward to.

Oh yeah, I can keep telling myself I have it pretty good compared to some, that’s what I do.  But today…… today I just feel like telling everyone to go fuck themselves.

So please don’t send me encouraging advice on how to have faith that things will get better. Just let me be weak and depressed today. I’ve earned that right.