A Home for the Kitty Today! (fingers crossed)

The kitty has found a home! Although, she is still here; the lady says she coming today. I just can’t shake the feeling that she’s going to write and change her mind. It’s almost too good to be true.

Monday afternoon I shoveled out the driveway manually. Tuesday morning I printed up some flyers and drove around putting them up on billboards.

The first stop I knew the girl working there and she tried to talk me into keeping it. I tried to tell her I did not want a cat in my house nor a predator in my yard. She kept coming back how easy they are to keep. When she said, “Just feed it cheap kibble”  I said, “I’m going to put up the poster now”

My sister is away so I’ve had no one to talk to. My only human contacts have told me to keep her. I got a message laughing, “At least you’re not bored”.

I’ve been in tears over this; I don’t want a cat in the house with me. My blood pressure is up, I’m not eating or sleeping properly.

I got the message yesterday morning. “Is the cat still available” “OH GOD YES!” I couldn’t type fast enough. I gave her my landline and she phoned me. She wants a cat so much! It was snowing heavily and she asked if she could come tomorrow (which is today) and I said “sure! no problem!”

The snow cleared up by noon and I went out to shovel…. again.

It was very light so it only took me about a half hour. I kept thinking, “OK. it’s cleared up you can come and get her!’  but she didn’t.

She friended me on Facebook so I had chance to see what she’s all about and it looks good. She’s my age, loves nature and kids. I saw one post on depression but hey… aren’t we all a little depressed this time of year?

I’ve been let down so many times I’m going around with my fingers crossed saying, “Please don’t let me down Mary Lou!” I half expect to get a message that she changed her mind or her husband won’t let her.

The kitty (no I won’t name her) is comfortable going in and out of the house now, knowing I’ll let her back in. So now she goes outside then comes in and uses the litter box. I can smell cat poop. My house is small and doesn’t have a basement. The litter box is under the laundry room tub which is the centre of my house, the only spot I could find for it. I do not want to live with this.

She wants out but she doesn’t want out, she just wants to look outside and it’s way too cold to hold the door open!

Some kernels of cat food are not as good so she spits them out onto the floor. My couch and rugs are all good for claw-sharpening.

yes, these are the things that are endearing if you love that cat but damned irritating if you don’t want the cat there in the first place. It’s cold now but soon she will be shedding.

Oh Please, please, Mary Lou…….. Don’t let me down!


Update: Mary Lou came and the kitty is gone to her new happy home!