Excess and Greed

An article I read recently in Huffington Post reminded me of a post that’s still in draft. It’s a social ill that bothers me a lot; one of the Seven Deadly Sins that we don’t talk about much…… greed.

This article was weighing the environmental damage that comes from meat vs. vegetables.  It points out that vegetables take just as much water and fuel to produce as raising animals for food. I guess a lot of bacon lovers were happy when it was pointed out how much water and fuel it took to give us all the lettuce we ‘need’.


It seems obvious to me that it doesn’t matter if you are talking vegetarian or carnivore….. it’s greed that’s the problem here, excess and greed.

Lettuce does take a lot of water then fuel to ship to those of us who live in colder climates and ‘have’ to have our lettuce all year around. We buy our weekly supply of lettuce and often half of it gets thrown out. Every grocery store is filled with different kinds of lettuce; plastic boxes of baby lettuce, lettuce mixed with other leaves….. Tons and tons of lettuce, much of which will be thrown out. Some by the consumers, some by the store when it’s reaches its expiry date.


I’ve written about this before. waste-and-gluttony-a-rant

Working in the bakery I throw out cakes in the morning that have reached their expiry dates…. lots of cakes because every one has to be displayed. We throw out at least one cart full of bread everyday and we are a very small grocery store. Tons and tons of food, in their containers, are being thrown out everyday, all over North America.  We have made some strides in recycling and composting but this stuff is all produced first.

People work to grow the crops and move the produce to ensure that every grocery store has every fruit and vegetable every season. We have fresh asparagus from Peru! Wages are paid, profits are made. Shelves and bins must be kept fully stocked.

Millions of cows are pumping out milk that expires and gets flushed away because Canadian Tire and Shoppers Drug Mark can sell you milk, too. It’s insanity.

The thing at work that really makes me think of gluttony, excess and greed is that damn lobster tank I have to walk past at work.  It’s the ‘holidays’ between Christmas and New Year’s so they have fully stocked the lobster tank. They are piled up on each other, starving and dying so someone can get a fresh lobster and boil it alive. It disgusts me. I don’t often speak out about my vegetarian views but that lobster tank is gross, in every sense of the word.  Why don’t other people see a tank of large, distressed crustaceans trying to escape? How many will die and get thrown out first?

And we are one little grocery store in small town.

I’m just as guilty buying lettuce, avocados and grapefruits. My vegetable bin is the place where good intentions go….. and often shrivel up an die.

Something will be done in the future because it seems unsustainable. It’s too much…. we have to get our greed in check. Those of us poor enough have it done for them automatically but working in a grocery store I see behind the scenes.

Now we have all kinds of Christmas cakes, logs, cookies, cupcakes etc. that we had ready and on hand in case someone wanted that thing…….  all to be throw out now.

It’s time for the New Year’s Eve food extravaganza……


“Man is not in charge today, money is in charge, money rules. God our Father did not give the task of caring for the earth to money, but to us, to men and women: we have this task! Instead, men and women are sacrificed to the idols of profit and consumption: it is the “culture of waste.” —– Pope Francis



I’m Done!

Aahhh! That’s the sound of me breathing easy. I’m done. The long run of night shifts and busy days is over.

We had our family Christmas on Monday.  It was wonderful, warm and happy……  because there are kids!  Without them we’d be looking at each other,  trying to think of things to talk about.

Yesterday my ex visited me, I hadn’t seen him in a year. He talked a blue streak about the business that used to be mine, too, and going to places in the USA that I liked to go to.  Then he gave me some money and a hug and said he would visit in the summer and clean my chimney. It was stressful but I’m glad I’m not still with him.

I went into work at 5:00 praying I wouldn’t be met with a list of work to do but, lo and behold! My boss had everything done and told me I don’t have to work Christmas Eve Day! Business has been slow, (I think because the weather is so warm with no snow, it’s not ‘Christmassy’) we are well stocked up and the students are working.   I did a happy dance right there!

AND he hugged me, Merry Christmas, before he left!  That was very surprising! I went in so tired but joy got me through the evening.

I did some shopping on my break so I won’t have to go to any more stores until after the 25th.  People get into such a frenzy, its crazy.  Relax, people,  it’s only a day, not the end of time, for Pete’s sake!

The weather is still warm, it does look bleak and snow would be prettier….. but I don’t care! No scary drives to work. When I get the wood stove going I can open the kitchen window. Today it’s raining; perfect weather for a Netflix day.

The person I’ve been helping out hasn’t called for a few days so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she has found another helper but I’m not going to call to find out.

Tomorrow is going to be 10 C and sunny; I might just go for a walk on the beach!

Aaaaahhhhhh!  I hear the chorus…… Hallaalleeeelluuuujaaaah!





What’s in Store?


I don’t know what’s in store the next few days except my schedule at the store I work in. That’s the framework for what I must do and I can’t plan too much around that.

Yesterday I took my friend, who’s having troubles, to the grocery store to get a few things. She was totally broke with no food. I really thought her Dad was going to help her out but I found out he’s a jerk. No wonder she makes the bad choices she does.

Now I have very little money and my family Christmas is on Monday. I’m supposed to make something to eat but I’m working the two nights before, I might have a friend visiting tomorrow but I don’t know yet, my troubled friend is now coming for water, shower and laundry almost everyday.  She loud and swears a lot. She’s wearing me down.

My ex phoned me yesterday….. he’s coming to visit Tuesday  and I’m working Tuesday night. That was a huge surprise as he hasn’t contacted me in over a year.

Last night I tossed and turned in bed trying to make a schedule in my head so I will have everything I need for Monday. Thinking about my ‘needy’ friend, thinking about my ex, wondering if my other friend is coming……. I’m not used to all this action!

The next few days I will be practicing ‘be here, now’. I’m done with Christmas shopping and only have to go to my grocery store to work.

I have Wednesday off…… I’m really looking forward to that….. it will all be over.



First Christmas with out the abusive , lying , cheat X in my life

An inspiring Christmas tale:


So much has change I don’t know where to begin. Its been a year and I am free of it all. Halleluiah ! . Free of him, his dad and his affair’s, his steal, lying and abuse. Along with all the other crazy people he attracted into my life. In one year I have completely changed my life for the better. I was left broke and legally homeless, no vehicle, and in a town where I didn’t know anyone. I also had a child to take care of. He basically went home to his dad and his dad paid for him. Anyway, after a few month of women he was dating and lying to calling me trying to figure out what the hell he was doing to them and there lives . It finally stopped. Since then I have had and do not ever want contact with that mess again.

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SoCS; miss


I miss Laura L. There is a group of bloggers out there that followed WTFAIOA by Laura L. through her trials and tribulations. When I first came upon her blog she was living in a trailer in Kentucky then moved to a basement of a person she didn’t know to look for a job in Vermont. We were all so happy when she got a job then an apartment but soon it all turned bad. Recently she wrote her last post with “my life has gotten so much worse. I’m closing the blog”

What happened? Where is she? I worry about her! Are you reading  this Laura- I know that’s not your name? We miss you!

How many Lauras are out there leading lives of quiet desperation?

I have a friend down the road who is living  in a trailer with no plumbing. She left her abusive mate and was offered the place by friends who own the trailer park. They’ve been grumbling about her water use and daily shower from their house so she’s been coming here for a shower and fill a water container every couple of days to buffer her water usage there.

Yesterday she left me fifty cents.

She has a very old dog; a boxer. He drools a lot and wants to get on my couch. She cooks him dinner, which is the main reason I don’t want her to stay here, plus she smokes cigarettes.  Don’t worry; she doesn’t want to stay here either.  They needs her own space.

I remember how crazy I was when my marriage broke up and I had no place, no job, no life.  The fear, anxiety and grief are debilitating.

It’s too bad other people’s misfortunes are the best reminders that our lives are good. I don’t feel so bad about going into work tonight, tomorrow and Monday. Of course there are moments of anxiety and the little inner groan of ‘I don’t wanna go to work’ but all in all, I’m lucky to have this job and home and the health to keep it all together.

And I live in peace.

My heart goes out to all the people who struggle this holiday season. When you see them, smile at them, show them they matter. That can mean so much to a person who is down and hurt.