SoCS: wash/awash

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wash/awash.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Bonus points for using both. 

I live in IpperWASH! And right now Ipperwash is awash with beach/vacation people. Not only is this a popular beach/vacation area but its a long weekend and its hot. I’m not going ‘out there’!

I hope. I did last weekend. I went out to the very, very crowded beach because I had chance to be with my grandnephew and grandniece right here on my beach and wasn’t going to pass that up. Holy moly, there were so many people. We parked at the back of the overflow parking lot which was almost full. The regular parking lots were full and cars were parking along the side of the road so they wouldn’t have to park in the back of the overflow parking lot. There were line-ups to go up and down the stairs to the beach. We were lucky to find a spot where people had just left.

And now we have a hot, sunny long weekend. IpperWASH will be awash with people. . . crazy people. I can already hear cars speeding to the beach. I was out Thursday evening and saw a lot of people speeding, tail-gating and making stupid passes. Local restaurants had full parking lots spilling out to the road.

My big plans for this long weekend is to change the spool on my weed whacker. Oh, and I’ll do a wash!

I hang my wash on a wooden clothes drying rack on my deck. My clothes line is now completely shaded by an overgrown Butternut tree. But drying the wash on the deck with the rack is better than the clothes line ever was! Its hotter, dries faster and birds don’t land and poop on it! When its this hot it will dry in an hour or 2. Its been sunny so many days I’m at the bottom of my laundry bin. I’m down to the ‘things that run purple’ wash.

Last night I realized I was still awash with OFF! and had to wash off the OFF!. I’m not saying that dramatically; its named “OFF!”. I may have lots of mosquitoes out back but that means I also have fireflies. They have passed their peak but still a few at night. A month ago it was awash with twinkling fairies at night! Luckily the mosquitoes don’t bother me on my deck, putting out my wash.

I’ll see if I have any photos of Ipperwash Beach here in my library;

No photos of a crowded beach but I did find my favourite. Happy Civic Holiday weekend. Its our Civic duty to have a good time or serve people having a good time.

SoCS: my broken tooth

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the first 2-5 words at the top of the closest printed matter.” Open (if necessary) the closest printed matter to you. Use the first 2-5 words at the top of the page any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

“Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program” Good thing this is in English because below is the French which always takes more words “Programme ontarien de soins dentaires pour les aines” [Ok I’ve looked long enough for the French e with the thingy and can’t find ‘special characters’]

This card was sitting on my table because it expires July 31st and I was waiting for my new card. I had the card here hoping to e-mail them but there was only an 800 number which I called. They assured me my new card was in the mail and it was. I received it on Thursday. My old card just happens to be still sitting here on my table.

I am so grateful for this program! This is a low-income seniors dental program. They used to just offer emergency pulls mostly but have upgraded. Maybe they realized prevention actually saves money and teeth.

This upgrade is new. I am used to paying for cleaning and getting a tooth pulled when its beyond help because crowns are way too expensive. But this time a tooth broke off that is in my smile and that is very depressing. I assumed she would have to pull the roots out.

But this insurance now covers cleaning and check-ups! I went in for that and my dentist said she thinks she can put a post and a crown on that broken tooth! Apparently it had a root canal years ago so it wasn’t rotten; just brittle. They will apply and see if its covered. I really didn’t expect them to approve it.

The dentist office called me and said it was covered! However they couldn’t make any appointments because they were looking at August and my card expires July 31. I gave it one more week then called them Monday at the 800 number.

I am swooning with happiness that they can fix this tooth! Meanwhile I have an open root/ tooth to keep very clean. My tongue wants to keep feeling it. My first appointment is in 2 weeks so at least I’ll get something temporary over it.

Well, that was a fairly boring post but that’s what it was. My life is fairly boring but I always remember Oprah Winfrey pointing out that boring is good! Boring is no big worries or problems or things to do.

Speaking of French making things longer. . .(this is stream-of-consciousness) have you ever heard the New York cabbie making fun of the French numbers? No wonder I had such a hard time learning them!

SoCS: bagged

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bagged.” Use it any way you’d like.

Sometimes things get bagged before your brain remembers to say ‘no bag, please.’ I went shopping in TOWN yesterday which is a major excursion for me. I have ‘green boxes’ for my groceries and always take another bag along. . . the one I forget to take into the store.

I bought a beautiful no-stick wok. I make just about every meal in my wok/ fry pan but I burned it beyond use last week forgetting to turn down onions and paneer. I simmered baking soda in it twice but it is now going to the scrap metal bin.

I forgot the bag I brought so she put in a Canadian Tire plastic bag. I silently chided myself but let her do it because I was going into the mall to look around and it might look scary just carrying a heavy duty wok frying pan. But I walked about 20 feet into the mall and thought I didn’t need anything and had other things in town to buy. I could have done without that plastic bag.

I bagged a dress form on sale! I had it in mind; I’ve always wanted a good one. I made one once out of duct tape long ago in my old life.

For some reason I remember them being on sale for a good price at Fabricland. The one I had in mind was 50% off! I was excited. . . until I saw it was 50% off $549 which is still more than I wanted to spend. With tax it would’ve been over $300. My budget was $200. They had cheaper inferior types on sale for $185 which was fine by me. There are A, B and C sizes. I needed an A and they were all B’s. I got the salesgirl involved and she got the manager out who found an A in a box! and on sale! It was slightly over $200 with tax but I had the cash!

The box was opened and there were others not on sale so I might find out today why it was cheap, well, cheap for a dress form.

On the way home, I stopped at the local fruit stand and forgot to take in the bag. I asked her if I could take the basket out to my car and bring it back so my fruit, veggies and Haystack cookies would not be plastic bagged. She kept an eye on me to make sure it didn’t steal the hand basket. One less plastic bag!

Today’s project is putting together my new dress form!

SoCS: make a note

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “make a note.” Do with it what you will. Have fun!

Make a mental note; always keep some cash on you. It is not obsolete yet. Yesterday Canada had a huge internet outage and the world came to its knees. Well, I think Toronto did anyway as it involved debit, transit . . . etc. It was all to do with one company, Rogers. We still haven’t heard how it happened.

I recently saw a story on 60 minutes that cyber attacks are a real danger and on the rise. Now with the war going on I can’t help but wonder if Russia would attack the largest internet provider in Canada.

Make a note of how dependent you are on the internet. Case in point; my friend who visits me a couple times a year depends totally on GPS. It took a couple of visits for me to discover she didn’t know where she was when she realized I lived on a different Great Lake than her. “oh! you live on Lake Huron!”

She visited a couple of weeks ago, she’s been here more times than I can count. On the day she was coming I got a text; “my GPS is down. Send directions from Hwy ___.” It took several texts and wrong turns to get her here. If my internet had been down she would have been lost. The next day a service crew cut my line by accident and I was out for 24 hrs. If it had been the day before she would have wondered why I wasn’t responding: maybe thinking I was angry. No, but I was irritated.

This time I forced her to look at a map. She didn’t want to but I said “Please! Just humour me” and she reluctantly pointed out the route here. I mean: make a note of where you are on a map! How can anyone not?

But I’m old, I don’t reply on my phone. I don’t even turn the data on; I have a laptop for this shit. My phone is for texting, camera and dictionary. I’ve already gotten texts from my provider that its so old I won’t be able to use it in the USA because its only 2g. I guess its only a matter of time before I’ll have to upgrade. But I can wait until that time.

I have to make a note of everything as do most people my age. My anxiety shows up as thinking I’m forgetting something really important so I go to my calendar to assure myself there is nothing to worry about. Grocery list, of course on paper. . . just have to remember to put it in my purse.

Make a note of this and always have real life back-up!

SoCS: no ambling today

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “—amble.” Add letters to the beginning of “-amble” to make another word or use it as is in your post.

No ambling for me today! I going to attack the Virginia Creeper that is taking over my property!

Every nice day I’ve had something else I had to do, then its stinking hot and humid on the days I get to work. Finally today is pleasant and breezy! I have hacking and mowing to do: as much as I can do until I can’t do no more.

I use an antique corn husker because you can’t buy sickles anymore which would be perfect for this job. My week-whacker is small. I’d need a big gas-powered weed-whacker with a big strong young person attached to it. Last night I sharpened my corn husker with a kitchen knife sharpener. I’m am going out there like a Viking Warrioress!

No rambling post today!