SoCS: rest

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rest.” Use it any way you like.

Rest. I get lots of rest now: too much rest if I’m not careful. And due to crappy weather, I haven’t been hiking either. Two thaws and quick freezing: sheer ice under a layer of fluffy snow.

I won’t complain about too much rest, though. That would be crazy because its not like there isn’t anything to do. There’s always something to do but I don’t want to organize. Yuck. Doing something I hate doesn’t make me feel better. It sure as hell doesn’t spark joy. I wish it did! I’d be doing it all the time!

I remember the days I longed for rest. It usually hits in your 40’s and 50’s that you need rest. You’ve stretched yourself too thin and its hard to get out of commitments you’ve made. My story is different in that I didn’t have kids and my job was our own business: I helped my beekeeper husband, made products from beeswax and did a Farmer’s market on Saturdays. I also belonged to an organization who ‘volunteered’ me to be in charge of flower gardens and public speaking. There went Sundays.

My mom had MS and lived four hours away. She liked me to cook for her and look after her flower garden. It was far away enough to need to sleep over for a night or two. There was an attic bedroom in their small farmhouse that was so creepy, I hardly slept. There was a old black and white TV but they didn’t hook it up to the big antenna. It had ‘rabbit ears’. I got one or two fuzzy Detroit stations, if I was lucky.

Now I was two days behind on my business and housework. Housework in that house was above and beyond: renovations never completed, plywood floor, composting toilet, greenhouse, gardens, landscaping, . . . yeah it was impressive but a lot of work. there was a honey house for extracting but most of the work was in the house; candle making in the laundry room. I made lip balm and hand cream in the kitchen so that had to be pristine to make my products then cleaned up to make dinner.

And caving! I almost forgot about caving: that was our ‘vacations’. More work. I would come home totally exhausted and have muddy cave gear and dirty cooking utensils to clean. Once I hit menopause I could no longer keep up. I told my husband to go alone, which he was happy to do, and I would clean my house. That was my goal in those days; to get one day of rest in a clean house.

SO. . . I would be crazy to complain about getting too much rest. After years of people making demands on me because “I didn’t have to work”, I earned rest. And the funny thing is; I still have to keep telling myself that!

SoCS: whatever

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “whatever.” Use the word “whatever” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start your post with it.

That’s my answer for just about everything that’s going on these days: “whatever”.

Here in Canada the big thing is the convoy in Ottawa that is into its fourth week. Four weeks of division and name calling. People trying to tell me I’m not Free!?! Whatever.

Facebook has been such a bummer with people on opposing sides. Why keep at it? over and over. So that’s your opinion; whatever.

Everyone is worn down.

SoSC: fortune

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fortune.” Use it any way you’d like. 

A fortune. Wish I had a fortune. I don’t need a fortune. What is a fortune anymore? Why do so many people seem to have such large fortunes these days while others can’t afford the basics of life? Something happened during this pandemic where the rich got way richer and the poor got way poorer.

The ultra right-wing raised millions of dollars to help the demonstrating truckers stay in downtown Ottawa, blowing their air horns constantly, idling their huge trucks 24/7; saying its for ‘Freedom’.

Look what money can be raised if people care about something. Look at what Betty White did for animal shelters in one day!

People are all the more divided. Facebook is such bummer. I can’t imagine being on Twitter. I’m so sick of the whole thing.

Homelessness is up. Rents have gotten so high and now they can raise them even higher. Food prices are going way up, quickly. I am fortunate enough to own my home. I am fortunate to live in a country that gives me an old age pension. I’m OK but so many are NOT OK. The money is there; the rich just don’t care. And they really want to look rich; Lamborghini and other luxury cars had their best year. I can see old cottages being torn down and huge expensive houses being built; many of them to become B n Bs. A friend who rents cottages around here said people don’t want little funky cottages anymore: they want big fancy homes with vaulted ceilings, looking out on the lake. They rent for over $1000 a night and they are booked.

It disgusts me. Greedy people disgust me. With this trucker occupation, my level of disgust is affecting my mental health.

Figure skating is on right now. It started at 6:45 a.m. so I am recording it to watch later. Its good to have a pleasant diversion from all the crap going on. The Winter Olympics have been a good for that: Imagine all the people living life as One. Youoooo may say I’m a dreamer. . . .

SoCS: Page 1

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “page.” Use it as a noun or a verb. 

Another prompt reminding me of a job I once had! This one was the best job I ever had: Page in the Vancouver Public Library. I used to joke I was just a page in a library. Not only Vancouver but the Kitsilano Branch; the coolest part of Vancouver and blocks from the ocean.

I had my own desk. First job was stamping cards with the date that would be the return date of all the books taken out that day. Then I would take the cart of returned books around to shelve. I had so much information going through my hands . . . I use to take home stacks of books: fiction, crafts, home decor, dog training, travel . . . whatever caught my eye.

I put plastic covers on new books and mended old books. But the best part of the job was coffee breaks. We had a full kitchen downstairs with a large coffee urn. It was my job to prepare coffee break for the librarians and higher Pages. Many days, especially weekends, they would send me out to the bakery for treats to serve with the fresh coffee. I never drank coffee before this but that smell was irresistible and that’s when I became a coffee drinker.

It was also the staff that was so great about this job. Librarians have university degrees; they were all very smart. A lot of ‘spinsters’ as they were known in the day.

I met my first transvestite there; Fran. She wore a hat with a net and always had gloves to match her dress. She didn’t shave regularly so often came in with a 2 day old beard. But my librarians treated her with the same respect they showed everyone else and taught me to do the same. And that was the early 1970s.

I was trying to get a promotion from Page 1 to Page 2. I had to go to the downtown main branch and take a typing/speed test. This took me back to the Grade 4/5 speed tests to see if you would “accelerate”. As soon as that ticking countdown started I panicked! And so I FAILED! I stayed in Grade 4 while the other side of the class accelerated to Grade 5. As soon as I got into that speed typing test it was Grade 4 all over again. I failed twice. I supposed to type ‘so many’ WPM (I forget) but I couldn’t get there. As soon as the stopwatch started to tick, my fingers went wild in panic.

I would have kept trying but I had to move away from Vancouver and that’s a story for another SoCS.