SoCS: bowling and balance

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bowl.” Use it as a noun or a verb—use it any way you’d like.

I went bowling on Wednesday! Not in a smelly weird bowling alley but on Wii.

The program I belong to (and volunteer with as a seniors exercise coach) brought in Wii games to play. We are running a 5-week program; “Boosting Balance and Bone Health” The object was to get to the balancing games but first we tried bowling, archery, frisbee and table tennis. Well, I did.

This once-a-month meeting is a group in-person chat. This month I knew we were playing Wii games so I was going for sure! I was in a good mood the day before knowing I would be with people, playing, laughing and having fun. Well, I did.

OK; I understand this program is for mental health. Our clients (and myself) suffer from depression and anxiety. Most of us live isolated lives for various reasons. I volunteer because I know what it’s like to battle with depression and a great way to do that is with fun and games. Sometimes you have to drag that first step, like walking through water, but you make yourself do it. They got to the health center. They are drinking coffee and eating green tomato cake. (It’s a lot like zucchini cake only with chunks of green tomatoes)

We had a big screen for the Wii game, she set it up and showed us how to bowl. Then said “So who wants to try?” Me. Only me. The others did little groans or tried to look away somewhere. . . I did a round then we cajoled 3 other people to reluctantly try. There were 11 people present but they came to CHAT.

The idea was to get people involved with the ‘fun’ games and then get to the balancing games. But listen up seniors: these balancing games are really good and fun!

Remember those hand-held games where you tried to get a little ball in the hole by moving it around? With this you stand on a balancing board and use your body to get balls in the hole on screen. You have to really concentrate, too! This is so much more fun than regular balancing exercises! I want one.

Other than me, 3 people tried it, even though she put a chair in front to hold onto. You can lead a horse to water . . . but you better make cake.

Check with your kids or nieces and nephews because they probably have a dusty set lying around. I’m going to do that and there is also a second-hand electronic store in TOWN. What a great thing to have in the depths of winter!

I might even bowl.

SoCS: happy place

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “happy place.” Write the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “happy place.”

My happy place is my home. I know people’s happy places are their boat or their cottage or Las Vegas and that would be nice to have a happy place somewhere else but it’s my home. Whenever I’m out and wherever I am, I can’t wait to get home.

But last night I was out of my home to see a psychic. I went with my sister, niece and grandniece. I had such a strong feeling about going to this event to get a message from one or both of my parents, I took a little pouch with a necklace of my mom’s and my dad’s watch. We had 3 generations of our family. I was so sure there was a message for us.


I just deleted a long tale: SoCS or not; it was too long. A tale about a man who committed suicide three years ago and his brother who died of a drug overdose about 3 weeks ago: my niece’s husband, Tyler, and her brother-in-law, Rob. Tyler’s ashes are buried here, and his brother’s may be too but it’s still too soon for that.

Tyler, Rob and Wayne, their dad, built this house together. Wayne still comes over every once in a while, to reminisce. He was here last week, looked up and said “I can see my boys working on the roof.” It’s heartbreaking but at the same time I’m happy to keep this place for them.

The psychic came right over to my niece first and, believe me, she is probably the only person in that room who would not want that! Immediately centered out for the whole room!

I feel it’s just too personal to share with the world. I believe spiritual experiences should be kept to ourselves.

I’ll just get to the point of it: this place is a happy place for their spirits, too. I have felt that but it was very much confirmed last night.

I tell ya’ . . . you sure never know what life will throw at you.

SoCS: back of the fridge

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “back of the fridge.” Write the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase “back of the fridge.” Enjoy!

First story came to mind was the back of the freezer:

I smoke cannabis and grow my own because it’s very expensive. I grew it even back when it was illegal. I vacuum seal it and put it in my freezer.

One year I was looking in the freezer for a packet and couldn’t find any. Sadly, I assumed I already smoked it and had to buy more. It was terrible in those days; not only was it more expensive but you had to find someone and do a deal . . . it was scary; like dealing drugs! Awful.

Then one day was I getting something out of the freezer and there, pushed up against the back, I saw red numbers: 2015. It was an ounce of cannabis! I was so happy!

But I do have a back of the fridge story: Some years ago, I’m talking BP (before pandemic) our county had a hazardous garbage drop off. I scoured the house for empty OFF! canisters and other combustibles, weird things I couldn’t throw in the landfill garbage. Got a pretty good box together.

Only a couple of days later, I’m digging in the fridge and see an empty coconut whipped cream canister that had been in there for some time. Damn. But next Saturday they are having another hazardous garbage day. I will be happy to get that cannister out from the back of my fridge.


For all my followers following my fascinating stories: I have a notice that this my 9-year anniversary. I started this blog when I was 61 but next month, I will be 70. I need a new moniker, title, blog name or whatever you call it. M. Oniker from wtfaioa.wordpress had a good suggestion but I can’t find or remember it. And then what happens when I change my pen name? Will you still be following me?

I had 2 large truck loads of firewood dumped in my driveway in September. I have wheelbarrowed and stacked it all in my woodshed on the other side of the house: finished it yesterday. I admire it from my bedroom window. I can’t tell you how satisfying that is! Its BOOYAAAHHH! FUCK, YEAH! I’m Fawsome! (I recently learned that is fucking awesome)

And that’s the kind of feeling I want my new name to convey. Any suggestions?