SoCS; Why Me?

I haven’t written or even read for a few days. Life just throws shit at you no matter how hard you try to make it good.

Thursday it finally stopped snowing after 2 days of flurries. I was shoveling off my porch when I heard a cat crying; it came out from under my porch after a little persuasion. It really wanted in the house.

Let me give a little background first; I’ve had 3 dogs that lived to old age and more cats that I could count or remember.  The illnesses, the expense ending with the heartache; I remember it well. I was a slave to animal food, fur and poop for years and years.  I left an old cat with my husband because she could not move and he loved her, too.  They all broke my heart and I decided when I moved here; no more pets. I do not want to do it anymore.

So this hungry, cold, scared young  (6- 8 months old) kitty wants in. I went over to my neighbours to see if she recognized her. She tried to follow me but her dog scared her off. I didn’t see her the rest of the day and hoped she found her way home.

She was out on my porch again at night. Luckily it was a mild night so I left her hoping beyond hope she would try to go home. I knew once I let her in that would be it. My heavy heart would not let me sleep that night worrying about her.

First light of dawn I looked out and she was crying at my front door again. It was cold and windy so I let her in. How could I not?

She was very hungry but yogurt was all this vegetarian could offer her. She was not happy with it and cried and cried. That was another reason I didn’t want pets, I did not want to buy animal food anymore.

I went out and bought animal food.

I posted notices yesterday to find the owner or a home for her and was checking Facebook hourly,  praying someone wants this cat. Somebody else on one of the sites found a box of abandoned kittens so it could be worse.

Last night was Game Night. I was hoping someone would come and play and take her home but no one came at all.

I didn’t buy a litter box; oh yuck I don’t want to do that anymore!!!!!! I’ve been taking her outside until she goes. Last night at dusk I had her out for last poops and heard my neighbours with some other neighbours, talking and laughing…….

My sister is in Cuba so I’ve had no one to talk to and she does not like cats. My only human contact was a neighbour’s boyfriend who said, “Ha! I guess you own a cat now.”

In other words……. I’m very depressed. Chest crushing, throat restricting, teary-eyed depressed.


21 thoughts on “SoCS; Why Me?

  1. You have a good heart. This kitty would greatly appreciate the cheapest cat food and probably doesn’t even know what a vet is. You might as well enjoy, as he or she seems to be meant for you. I would have done the same thing except my dog would traumatize any cat who came into this house. That’s why I feed two feral cats at church. I think you did the right thing.

  2. Sometimes they pick you. Maybe you can find it a nice home with someone else.

    I know how it is: we’re down to our last five, and when they’re gone, that’s it.

  3. It’s a tough thing to have a pitiful creature need you. I agree with John and I, try to look at pets from a different perspective, not how it effects ME but what I can do to make some poor creatures little life better. Losing pets is tough but thinking on how I’ve made their lives better, richer and comfortable AND how they have enriched mine in return – well, it’s a win-win. But, yes, the responsibilities that come with pet-owning can be expensive. I do hope it all works out for you ❤ and the kitty.

    • It’s not all about ME its about her, too. I don’t want her; she should be with someone who wants her and loves her. I’ve had enough enrichment for one lifetime. and money is a HUGE issue. She is already going into heat. $$$.
      She’s walking up and down to get out but runs way when I open the door…… yeah, I remember cats.

      • It is understandable how you feel (you didn’t seem grouchy), people don’t take responsibility for their pets (children, etc) and then dump the problem on to someone else. I can completely understand. I have four pets, if I found a stray, I would deliver it to the SPCA if I couldn’t find someone to take it. You have justified feelings.

      • That’s what makes me mad too, irresponsible pet owners. I have to get a carrier and the nearest Humane Society is not close to here. It’s snowing all weekend. I don’t think I have the heart to take her there anyway.

      • If you feel strongly that you can’t keep her for many reasons, the humane society is the best place for her – unless, of course, you find someone who wants her. At least at the SPCA she will be spade; there’s no guarantee someone else will.
        Just get a box (put some holes in it but she won’t suffocate anyway) – don’t invest in a carrier – it won’t make any difference to her, she’ll still be in a box either way.
        Wait until a clear day, you’ve already bought food.
        This time too shall pass. Try not to let the situation and the actions of others effect you so much (easier said than done). If you’ve decided to not keep her, and that’s your prerogative, then just follow through and try not to let your emotions overwhelm you.
        Best wishes. I wish I was closer, I’d help you ❤

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