SoCS; tale/tail

Now I’ll have a tale to tell about the lost kitty who came to my house and lived with me for 6 days until I found her a home. But I’m not going to write about it here. As one of my Facebook friends commented, “Epic Saga!”

Relieved is too small a word for how I feel. After six days of living alone with the cat, we bonded somewhat. When I get a little tug of missing her, or imagine she’s missing me and wondering where I am,  I think of her getting some chicken or meat or canned food. Oh, she would be so happy.

Mary Lou wrote to me and told me she is making herself at home but is still not cuddling with her; she’ll be patient.  She is in the right home.

She’s going to keep her indoors and not let her out. That’s good because I could tell she was going into heat soon. Her tail was almost always fully splayed and straight up. (“Who’s She? the cat’s mother?” My grandma and mom used to say that. Mary Lou is keeping her indoors and the cat is going into heat.)

I wasn’t expecting anyone for Game Night. It snowed all day and was cold and blowy. No one would want to go out last night. Sure my neighbours could walk over but…..  if they wanted to, they would.

I see there is a movie out now called ‘Game Night’.  Oh great,  a little reminder, something to throw a little salt in the wounds.

But I haven’t given up yet. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.  What the hell made me write that? SoC.  There is a fat lady singing on my Game Night Playlist. Maybe that’s what happened.  I’ll see if there is a YouTube version.

Now its Shoveling Saturday.



I can cut stone with a pin!