SoCS; bun

“My Anaconda don’t, my Anaconda don’t, my Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hon.”

I love Nicki Minaj for sporting her large buns all over the screen. Take that skinny-ass white chicks.  Like me.

Not to brag but I used to have great buns. Heart shaped buns. I remember the day I caught sight of myself sideways and realized my buns had fallen off.

“My ass fell off!” I lamented and my soon-to-be-ex-husband said, “yeah, I noticed.”

Yeah, I thought of buns and not the Easter bunny which came next. What a dumb idea, how did that catch on? A bunny who delivers eggs. And what’s that go to do with Jesus? I’m sure there’s a story and someone will tell us.

When I was young I use to think that when I got old I would grow my hair long and wear a bun. My husband would look like Santa Claus. Funny how you think dumb stuff when you are young and think you know everything.  I like my hair shortish and layered but I do really like my grey streaks. My husband is no longer in my life but I sure as hell don’t want some old hippy anymore. Never would I have thought I could be attracted to someone shaved bald but times have changed.

Then there’s abundance. Sick of this idea that we can wish ourselves into abundance and if we don’t, we’re thinking wrong. What? You want more? More money? More stuff?  Not just more….. abundance. ‘I want it all and lots of it!’ Crapola.  This is the opposite of spirituality, not the reward.

What if Satan had taken Jesus up to the mount to tempt him into having it all and Jesus said, “Yeah, Abundance, I deserve it all! I’m the Son of God!”

Then there would be no Easter Bunny. Maybe. Or maybe the Easter bunny would have a huge basket overflowing with chocolate…. and abundance of decadent treats.


SoCS; picture

I’m picturing my future filled with good friends, fun and laughter. You might say I’ve been visualizing it for a while. It’s working.

Picture me at a party, partying….. Oh yeah you can’t because you don’t know what I look like. But I did party last night at my neighbours and it was fun! There were new good people there that were great! The ‘woman’ who is the worst couldn’t make it because she had a face peel. She had her face burned off with a laser for $500.(teehee)

The young neighbours were there. Mr. Knoweverything tried to pin me down on “my philosophy” on why I don’t eat eggs.  I shrugged and said it’s been so long I forget. He’s so pretentious: no way am I getting into that at a party.

I got a song stuck in my head; oh crap my speakers aren’t working.

Shutting this down and moving on with my day.


Prompt: talisman

A talisman is an object believed to have magical powers. First off; I don’t believe in such a thing. However, I believe the human mind is so powerful that if you believe it has magical powers, it can.

I was working in ‘health food store’ when crystals and stones became all rage. People would come in and hold them with their eyes closed to feel the vibrations. My boss, apparently was super-sensitive to their powers. Personally, I thought she was a flake but she believed it and that’s what’s important. It’s the belief, not the object.

The reason I didn’t believe in them is unabashed ego. I’m feel I’m very sensitive to ‘unseen forces’ but I feel nothing from crystals. It is so minute compared to the immense power of a human being. So in other words, if I can’t feel it, it isn’t true.

I may be wrong.

This isn’t to say I don’t have magical aspects to my life. There are things I believe and so they are true to me. I have burned sage around my house, I feel the universe is trying to make me feel better when I get a good bird sighting; like swans and Bald Eagles.

Where I live is a migration route of swans. Every spring is The Return of the Swans. The other day I was on my way to visit my aunt and came upon thousands of swans in fields on both side of the road. They were many in flight in the clear, blue sky. I pulled over to listen to the cacophony. Fantastic! Stopped again on my way home.

In a way, you could say these swans were a talisman. It sure felt magical and healing to be so close.  A local photographer was there that day and posted some great photos on Facebook:


A photo can only get a slice of how many swans where here.

That felt magical!

SoCSunday; green

Yesterday I could not get into WordPress. The log-in page came up but the cursor would not flash and nothing could be typed in.  I tried a few times over the course of the day. I always write SoCS!

The prompt was ‘green’ for St. Patrick’s day. I posted on Facebook that I would eat potato chips all day and have potatoes for dinner. This ‘holiday’ is for getting drunk. It’s an excuse to get drunk all day. On top of that they die the beer green. oh, yuck. That certainly is not for me.

I didn’t wear green either. Even though I like the colour, it’s only the mossy, muted greens that look good with my skin tone. Blue and purple are my colours.

It was a very pleasant day.  I did some cleaning and vacuuming then went out and shoveled the tire tracks out of my driveway so they wouldn’t freeze into ruts. The young people who live in front of me didn’t even come outside. My driveway is a right-of-way through their driveway. It got so deep this week I almost didn’t get out.

They solved the problem of shoveling: She parks up by the road and he doesn’t have a car because he doesn’t work. So now my driveway is not their problem.

I can’t imagine sitting in my house on a beautiful day and NOT doing it. I want to get outside and do something. I’m 65 and they are 30. I also can’t imagine being 30, watching a 65-year-old shovel her driveway and not even do my own part. WTF?

The driveway is lined with cedars and stays shady all day. The other areas around my house are green! Well, brownish-green. I walked around and stood in my garden; the sun was so warm. I just couldn’t find anything else to do outside.

My porch/deck is built into a corner and is sheltered from the wind so I got my lawn-chair out and sat out a few times over the course of the afternoon. Heavenly! Today is going to be even better…. I’m getting out my lounge/lawn chair.

Got a prettier puzzle! In fact I bought two. I don’t often take down an incomplete puzzle but I was sure glad to get rid that ugly thing.

Well…… another day alone in Paradise.


Daily Prompt; wrinkle

Being 65 I immediately think ‘wrinkles’ and I say bring ’em on!

I’ll admit there are times I have looked in the mirror and pulled up my sagging jowls , the worst part of my wrinkles. It was even worse last week because I had a tooth pulled; my cheek swelled up and sagged.  I looked like Richard Nixon.

Unfortunately, years and years of being anxious and sad took a toll on my aging skin. I have resting bitch face unless I forcibly smile. I can be feeling happy inside but unless I’m grinning, I look so damn serious.

BUT…. I don’t care. Yes, I have wrinkles, I am 65 and have no problem with that. My mom used to say, “Don’t try to look younger, look good for your age.”  This is so true. Those older women that try to look like young women look pathetic to me. Pulled back skin and liver-lips….. they all look like The Joker from Batman!

Sure I’m wrinkled but my cheeks shine when I smile. My skin is healthy and shows it. I recently ran into someone I hadn’t seen close up for a few years. I was shocked at her skin which was crepey, dull and grey. Shocked because she works so hard at keeping herself young physically, staying in shape, getting her hair done, etc…. much more than I do…. but alcohol, cigarettes and coffee have done a number on her skin. It doesn’t matter what you put on your skin, it gets fed from the inside from fruits and vegetables.

Listen up young women; whatever you are doing to your body now will show up in your late 40’s and 50’s. You can party hard and eat the worst food and look just great….. until your 40’s. Then it all comes back to haunt you AND it’s really hard to change your ways. Everything is habit so year after year of the same behavior just puts you in a deeper and deeper rut.

Luckily I have eaten healthy all my life and I’m vegetarian. But I still have bad habits that I will not quit. I smoke pot, for instance. I’m not quitting but I wish I had never started liking it at the age of 15.  Marijuana leads to potato chips, ginger ale and chocolate bars.  I eat healthy all day and exercise but at night, I indugle.  Its an ingrained habit.

Make sure you have happy, jolly wrinkles in your old age; laugh lines and smile lines, rosy, shiny cheeks. Make sure you have some physical activity you like and want to do. What looks good in old age? Happy and healthy.

This morning I watched “Life’s Third Act” by Jane Fonda on Ted Talks. I tried to bring it here but couldn’t copy the URL. If you can find it, do watch it…. it’s only 11 minutes. She basically says that this a great time of your life and it can be. But it really is a lot more enjoyable if you are healthy.

Wrinkles? So What!

SoCS: so far

Retirement is going pretty good, so far. Still revelling in the fact that I don’t have to go to work.

The weather has been hampering doing very much except staying home. That’s OK I like to stay home but this is A LOT of staying home. And a lot of shoveling snow. I don’t shovel before I go out….. I shovel the day before I go out.

We didn’t get hit as bad as they did down east but we had wet, heavy snow that I can’t shovel off my driveway. I did my porches and around my car. Hopefully I can drive over it today.

Last Wednesday I had a tooth pulled and the next day was crappy weather so I didn’t go to the exercise class. So far I’ve been to one. Next week is Low Impact Dance Fit but I’ll be doing it High. No. I’m not driving high, I’m going to dance like crazy. After all, this is a mental health program.

So far I’ve resisted the urge to drive to TOWN just to look for a prettier jigsaw puzzle. When I stay home I don’t spend money or use gas, out there I’m a terrible impulse shopper. The local Foodland gives me everything I need and doesn’t tempt me into buying so much. And it’s only a 12 minute drive. Town is so far.


Typical Fighting

Yesterday I went to see Black Panther! My sister was staying at my nephews this weekend and took my grandniece, a Spanish exchange student and me to see Black Panther. This was really great of her because there is no way she would want to see Black Panther otherwise.

But I did! Some things you like to see on big screen and this was one of them. I heard TV people rave about it. It was pretty good except there was a lot of fighting. Of course, I knew there would be a lot of fighting but, come on…… all fighting? Great costumes, some good music, fearsome women warriors…… fighting. So much fighting.

OK. Its Marvel comics but even those comics developed characters. Anyone see what they did to the story of King Arthur last year? They made a typical fight, fight, fight movie, broken up by Excalibur shooting bolts of electricity and lightning. Stupid and typical. A great legend reduced to mediocrity. They turned King Arthur into a Marvel comic hero.

Not sorry I went to see Black Panther, though. It was still a great movie to see full screen: the costumes, make-up and special effects were fantastic! Although there was violence there was not a lot of blood as its PG. One warrior got her throat slashed and died and she didn’t even bleed!

It was so nice to get away from this neighbourhood and get outta town on a beautiful sunny day. It was a fun day, not a typical day, and today I feel so much better for it.

SoCS: I’m Fine.

I’m fine. That’s what women say when they are not fine but don’t want to get into the details of not being fine. It means I’m good enough so STFU.

I’m fine that no one comes to my Game Night.  That’s just fine with me because not one of the persons I invited are anything like me. There really isn’t one that I’ve thought I’d really like to be friends with.

I wrote to an old friend who lives a few hours away and begged her to visit me. She is one of those women who doesn’t have many women friends because they’re just ……  just what? I’m stuck for a word but I bet a lot of you out there already know exactly what I mean; just not like that.

Not drinking alcohol seems to be a barrier but it never was anywhere else I lived. It just seems to be this in area I’ve met people who equate fun with drunk. If you don’t get drunk, you are no fun.

I’m fine with that. I’m totally fine with mySelf.

See? I’m FINE.


Prompt: Restart

After a taste of spring, winter is going to restart tonight. It’s been fantastic weather; three days of double-digit temps and lots of sun. All the snow in my yard is melted.

The trails behind my house are on sand dunes so the melted snow runs right through. Except for a few wet low spots and an icy footbridge it’s all dry. I’ve been out on it everyday despite the fact its coyote mating season. I wear a whistle and it’s a little scary but not enough to keep me out. I’ve never heard of anyone being attacked on the trail mid-day. It just adds to the wild nature of the woods. However, I heard a dog barking in the direction I was headed yesterday and decided it would be a good place to turn back.

The sun is getting higher and higher giving me hours of sunlight on my couch in the afternoon. It feels so good on my skin, soaking it up like a sponge.

But tonight they are calling for 10 – 15 cm. of snow. Wet heavy snow. I guess we have to expect it….. it’s only March.

This afternoon I am going to meet the person who is asking for volunteers for seniors health programs she is starting. At least I think I’m going. I haven’t heard from her yet and the rain is supposed to freeze up sometime this afternoon.  Today is Exercise Bingo. I looked it up….. I think I’m actually too young for that but I’m willing to help motivate others.  The notice for volunteers asked, “Are you awesome?” Since the answer to that is a resounding ‘YES!’ I thought I’d better answer the call. I’ve been looking to do some volunteer work….. this may be the thing.

I’m sort of restarting my life now that I’m retired and I’m very happy with how it’s been going. My job was part-time, different shifts over 7 days.  There was no routine, no weekends, I left messes often and didn’t eat regular meals. Now I’m eating three healthy meals a day and getting into a daily routine. My sewing machine is cleared off from piles of paperwork and I have an order for an apron!

So while I’m disappointed in the snow coming back tonight, it’s not like it wasn’t expected, for Pete’s Sake. That will give me an outside job tomorrow. We’ve had a little break from winter to lift our spirits and give us hope and that’s good enough.

Too bad I have a really ugly jigsaw puzzle on the go. I went into our local Goodwill and said I heard it was a good place for jigsaw puzzles. She was so excited, “Yes, I have lots and more in the back!”  I looked at the ones on the shelf and they were all ugly. She was in the back pricing more. I went back and they were all ugly. I picked out one of deer in a field but the colours are so gross, the grass is a sickly greenish-yellow.

“You’re only taking one?” She said with great disappointment. I picked out another ugly one with eagles and bears and apologized that was all I wanted for now. Oh well, they were only $2 each….. but it’s just not the same as looking at something beautiful.


At least its Earth friendly!



Sometimes  I can’t end a post;  I’ll let Donald do it.