SoCS: dusty

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” 

Oh yeah, its dusty. Pretty boring to write about but its SoC and dusty is on my mind.

The sun is slowly coming back and shining light on dusty corners and cobwebs not seen in the dark of winter. We’ve had lots of snow and the sun reflects off the snow lighting up the ceiling revealing the cobwebs.

In the afternoon the light shines on the TV and a table with the phone (yes, I still have a land-line) and decorative stuff on it. Or how about that lamp? Gross! How could it get that dusty? I say but don’t do.

Usually I keep it cleaner because someone might drop in. But now that doesn’t happen which is good, I hate dropper-inners with no notice. A least I used to, in the old days when people would drop in.

Now I’ve got “Dust in the Wind” in my head: all we are is dust in the wind.

Well, I can’t think of much more to write about. I think I’ll go find ‘Dust in the Wind” on Spotify and do some dusting.

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SoCS: nerve

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nerve.” Use it any way you’d like.

Nerve. I have nerve. I have nerve up the wahzoo!

Now I’m hesitating because what’s coming up sounds like bragging but its SoC so what else am I supposed to write?

I got nerve by facing terrifying situations and getting through them without losing it.

I used to be a caver and got into some scary situations; walking on my tiptoes in deep water with my face tipped to the side to get the 6 inches of air between the water and the ceiling. Dropping down a pit on rope the equivalent of an 18 story building, not seeing the top or the bottom of the drop. Climbing up, on rope, through a cold waterfall pouring down. (Easy to repel down: you push off the wall and ‘jump’ down.) Crawling through long tight tunnels on my belly. I was fearless! (well, I really wasn’t, I just did it.)

Then there was the public speaking; supposedly the next scariest thing to death. I am on old initiate of a guru. (I don’t tell many people that) and became ‘designated speaker’ for our path. I spoke in four cities, two were auditoriums with hundreds of people. I walked out on a stage and spoke for a half hour. Come to think of it, I drove there in an old truck with standard transmission. . . in the winter! Nerve, I tell ‘ya!

Those two things in my life, where I faced fear and conquered it, turned me from a wimpy, people-pleaser to someone who is assured of my own strength. I got the nerve to speak up when I felt put down or made fun of. Nerve to stand up and say my piece, like me or not.

I am very grateful for those experiences.

Hey, Thanks SoC! Now I’m feeling pretty good about myself!

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SoCS: down there

Thursday we had our monthly meeting of the Women’s Cannabis Club. The subject was “Sex and Cannabis”. We had a vagina expert on. She’s a nurse and has a business talking to women about their whole area ‘below’. You know:

Down there; No man’s land, the Vijay-jay, lady bits, those are some of the polite names we use. I went off the SoC to look up funny words for our parts; they are in categories such as rude words, polite words, named after food, named after animals, the lists go on and on! Common Slang Words for Vagina (

Anyway back to our meeting and the vagina expert. She spoke for over an hour on vaginas and sex. She displayed cross section diagrams of our parts. She had diagrams of what different pussies looked like (which confirmed I am definitely heterosexual.) She showed us stuff I won’t share here, such as an obsidian wand. (It should be obsidian even though there are jade wands.)

These younger women are so lucky to be learning all this. The way we were raised was to never talk about or touch your ‘parts’. They were dirty! If something was wrong, you went to your man doctor who would blast you with anti-biotics which they did on a regular basis because they killed all the ‘good’ bacteria!

Back in the day, birth control pills were a blast of estrogen. I started using birth control pills at 16 and stayed on them until my late 20’s. I developed endometriosis but I didn’t know it for a few years. The first doctor I went to said, “Get a bottle of wine and relax” When I moved to another area and got a new doctor; I found someone who believed that my cramps were very, very bad. I had another treatment, of a derivative of testosterone, to stop my periods for a year. Then they went in and burned the dried endometriosis off my parts with lasers. By this time there was so much damage and scar tissue I was told there was a slim chance I’d ever get pregnant.

The reason I went into all this is; I’ve thinking about what might have happened if I knew what I know now. If even the doctors knew what they know now. And now my health center has all women doctors!

We learned about PITT Petals. (Pot in the Twat) and all the things they are good for ‘below’, including bowel problems. Its just cannabis butter made with coconut oil and made into suppositories.

I can’t help thinking if I had known all this 40 years ago, I might have had children.

But I didn’t. That was my karma and in some ways I’m good with that. I have faith that the reason came from ‘above’.

(yay, bonus point!)

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “above/below.” Use one, use both, use ’em however they inspire you. Bonus points if you use them both.

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SoCS: flag

Flag. Hmm, that doesn’t spark much inspiration. I’m not a flag-waving kind o’ gal.

I mean, I love Canada and all that and feel fortunate to live here but you won’t catch me waving the flag yelling, “Yeah, we’re the greatest country in the world!” I may think it but I never yell it out loud.

My in-laws were American from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They were so convinced that America was the greatest country in the world they were surprised I didn’t want to live there. Who doesn’t want to live in America? But an even greater surprise was that their son didn’t want to live there either, he preferred to live in Canada.

They were flag-waving Americans: had a flag-pole and flag, the whole nine yards. They truly believed America was the greatest country in the world and everyone wants to live there, except us, but we were hippies so that kind of explained it. You know, socialists!

I could also talk about red flags. I’m thinking of a few red flags that were raised before me that I ran right past. Its all behind me, well, more or less, so I can’t be bothered to write about it. I’ll just say, “Trust your gut feelings, they are your subconscious yelling at you.” There’s a little tiny YOU waving a red flag!

Well, that’s all I can think up about flags.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “flag.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

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