Life After Painting

It’s so nice to be able to open the windows first thing in the morning. The woods behind me has birch trees which make a beautiful rustling sound; soft and relaxing. Birds are singing and no one has turned on any motors yet. Oh, I wish I could stay here today, all day.


I worked last night until 10:00. It was a good night. We have new cakes that are pre-filled; no more cutting  huge slabs of cake in half  (lengthwise!) filling them then cutting to various sizes. Now there are blocks of pre-filled 3 layer cakes that are smaller and easier to work with. I cracked off three trays of bar cakes; Snickers, Chocolate Fudge and Cookies ‘n Crème bars. I was laughing at myself that I dreaded going in so much. I’m making chocolate cake, for Pete’s Sake!

There is a lot of cleaning, mopping and trying-to-go-very-fast at night so it’s exhausting but the joy of arriving home, taking off that uniform and hitting the couch makes it all worth while.

Someone said I should post when I’m all done my kitchen. I don’t know when that will be as I haven’t ordered the back-splash.  I have to watch my money carefully and don’t want to spend any extra right now. Last week I put things back up. Above the cupboards I have an old tea set and antique glasses. I laid down some white string lights and taped them down where they were sticking up. It’s such a beautiful light at night. I wanted to capture it and took 9 photos. Photos with the flash were no good. Photos on the step-ladder showed the lights too much. Finally I settled on no flash and holding it over my head but couldn’t get a good focus. Then I thought, “What the hell am I doing? That’s long enough.”

008 (2)

I have to take my car in for a minor repair but at least that will get me out to buy some flowers. If I didn’t have to go out today, I probably wouldn’t.

The wind rustling the trees, the birds chirping…… I must away but I shall return.



Where does ‘kelp’ come from and why does that pop into my mind? I don’t know; I don’t eat it or live near the ocean.

Today Is Stream of Conciousness Saturday, the prompt is ‘ke’….. the babbling brook that is my mind. I can’t just stick my toe in…. I have to go with the current.

Keen. I’m keen to get outside today but my body is aching and I have a work hangover. I babysat yesterday, which was wonderful, then I went into work right away because they needed my help desperately. I kept singing, “Here I come to save the daaaay!” like Mighty Mouse.

Holy Shit they were so busy and there was so much work. I iced cakes for the cake decorator who was in her 9th hour of work and still had cake orders. After that one of the teenagers and I ‘preped’ bread and buns….. racks and racks of them….. and boxed cookies. Boxing cookies is one of my favourite jobs.

I did stacks and stacks of dishes while she cleaned everything else. Yeah, she’s a teenager…. she can leave things I would never leave.

My body is aching. oh yeah, I said that and can’t erase it. That would be cheating.

I better go now before I make a complete fool of myself. It’s beautiful day to be outside!

Finished….. for now.

OK. that’s it. I’m putting my kitchen back today. I thought I might want a third coat on the last wall but its not necessary and I have to get my house back.


Yesterday I left all this mess because my sister and I visited my aunt in the hospital. It’s a very sad place to be; the geriatrics ward. She is crying that she wants to go back home but they might not let her. She really is too far gone for independent living except she can afford a private nurse. They assessed her yesterday but, of course, we haven’t heard yet if they will let her go back or needs to be in a nursing home. They can extend life so long now but to what end? It’s no life for her.

Fortunately I have a couple of happy things to look forward to; maybe babysitting my grandnephew tomorrow and Saturday a teenager is coming here to get ready for her prom: my nieces’ step-sister whom I’ve known since she was little. She lives in a happy but chaotic home and needs some space and privacy to get ready. Not having kids, I’ve never experienced the excitement of Prom Night….. now I can!  Ain’t life funny?

Since I’m working tonight and tomorrow night (yeah, 5:00 to 10:00) I have to get this all cleaned up right now. I’m not even going to wait for the Daily Prompt which doesn’t come out for another 40 minutes.  The hallway painting can wait….. I’ll be moving on to the outside next week. Flowers!

My new and probably ex friend hasn’t tried to contact me. That’s OK with me. This came up on Facebook this morning from a friend on Facebook which I think is very appropriate;


This friend has a story to tell and I’ve encouraged her to tell it. She doesn’t post very often but did yesterday. I hope she keeps writing;

Well, I have to clean up this mess NOW!

Edit, footnote: Oh my god…… I just checked the Reader with a huge photo of my mess….  How humiliating!

Social Misfit

This should be a post on how I finished painting my kitchen but I didn’t do it so I’ll write about why I didn’t do it. We all like that…..  other people let life get in their way, too!

I wrote how I worked Friday night until 10:00 and got home late. I was achy and tired the next day; my intention was to paint for a few more hours then relax.

Around 11:30 my new friend phoned and said her sister was invited to a BBQ and would I be their DD. “Sure!” I said. I’m vegetarian and don’t drink so BBQ’s aren’t really my ‘thing’ but I wasn’t going to say no to doing something. She said she would phone back to tell me what time. I started to tape and get ready to paint assuming it was nighttime.

She phoned back and said to be there at 3:45. That was just a few hours away. Damn, I said, I’m really tired; I had already told her what a bad night I had and not much sleep: I hope I could fit in a nap. Then she asked me if I would go to the store and get pineapple for her fruit tray. I laughed.

“I’m not going to the grocery store on a Saturday on a long weekend!”

“oh” she sounded put off.  I told her what I was making: I had some Pillsbury crescents for cheese things and some ciabatta bread I would add mozzarella to.

“I guess that will be OK” she said unconvincingly.

I didn’t get a nap. There was a half-hour to rest but I didn’t fall asleep. I got up, got ready and really did NOT want to go, but I HAVE to do social things. I’d kick my self if I said no and my sister would kill me.

I got to my friend’s house and she just starting to cut up her watermelon. She was already into the wine and a little tipsy but fun. We walked around her house while she pointed out what was wrong and what she was going to change, then the yard…….. then the neighbourhood. At one point we entered someone’s back yard and she yelled, “Hey…..are you in there?”  Luckily, he wasn’t.

When we were leaving she took a bottle of wine and put a small, opened liquor into her purse.

We finally got to her sisters who hadn’t started her salad yet. She had also invited a DD so I was off the hook which was a great relief because the BBQ was not close by, in an unfamiliar location and it was a new moon so very dark outside.

We still got there early; one of the first arrivals.

Rather than relate the whole night I will get to the point; my friend got pissed drunk. I’m talking stumbling, non-communicative, screaming drunk.

(Don’t worry about her reading this; she’s never been interested in reading my blog; even when I put my April Fool’s Day post on Facebook and told her to read it, she never did and never does.)

There was a live band who were really good and played music I liked; thank God! I took a place beside the camp fire and listened to the band. My friend was the first one up to dance; by herself, right in front of the band, waving her arms and yelling, “Wooo, wooo!”

She tried to get me up to dance but I wanted to wait until a few more people were also dancing. She got quite pushy about it. As a matter of fact, she got a little belligerent at times with me or her sister. There was no communicating with her, she couldn’t pay attention to what was said.

I wish I could make a video clip of this;  The phone conversation; “oh, it’s early, we’ll be leaving by 10:30…. 11:00. I’m usually in bed by then.” Cut to midnight; she’s standing right in front of the band, arms waving “whooooo…..whooooo….. whooooo……!” etc.

I’m enjoying my spot by the campfire and the music but she thinks I should be dancing. I didn’t feel like dancing and the more someone tries to talk me into something I don’t want to do….. the less likely I am to do it. I hate being bullied.  On top of that she’s so drunk she doesn’t know she’s being downright rude.

The band ended at 1:00 after the second round of Mustang Sally. Finally we could go. I wanted to go home so badly. But we couldn’t find my friend.

I had been waiting for her and her sister in the truck because I couldn’t stand outside holding the lawn chairs any longer. Her sister was calling her, everyone was looking for her. They went on the microphone and called her name. Finally the host said, “We found her!” She was in their bathroom passing out.

We had hard time getting her to the truck and she kept asking if we had her purse, over and over.

Driving her home from her sisters she didn’t know where we were and I certainly didn’t. I wanted to cry. Finally we found her road and I dropped her off.

I got home at 2:00 a.m. on the dot. I ripped off my clothes and kissed my couch.

The next morning I thought two things might happen; that she would call and say she was sorry she got so drunk or that I wasn’t fun.

She phoned and said she had a great time and she “should’ve gotten me up dancing.”  I told her she tried to get me to dance many times but I was too tired and just not into it. She said, “So you don’t like to dance and have fun.”

Actually, I do. I do like to dance and have fun.

She doesn’t go on Facebook much except to post ‘quotes’.  this was up this morning.

changeDo you think it might be aimed at me?


Ah, sigh. What could I do except counter her Facebook wisdom with my own;

reply 5

I have more from Google I’m saving;

reply 4

reply 1


reply 3

Google’s got a million of them!


So I didn’t paint again yesterday.  I woke up early as usual with just a few hours sleep and my ‘friend’ on my mind. After she phoned and we had the short, uncomfortable conversation….. I felt even worse.

Today I’m going to resume painting….. I hope.

I like me.  I like the way I am.  One good thing she did is remind me of why I quit drinking.





Stick to it


I worked until 10:00 last night. Yeah, I said I wouldn’t work past 9:00 but on Thursday I was told I’d be working until 10:00 now. I tried to talk to my boss about it, saying I’d filled out an ‘availability’ form that I would only work until 9:00 and I was way too old for this.  He shrugged. “This shift goes until 10:00 now”

Luckily there were two of us because there was way too much work for one preparing for the long weekend rush. We still went like crazy to do it all. I found out all kinds of things the young people don’t do or fudge. A real eye-opener.

Many people say I should just quit my job but I’m sticking to it. I will not slink away and let him do this. Next week I’m going over his head to the big boss.

The upside of all this is I have the whole weekend off! So many students coming in this weekend being trained there’s not enough room for me.  Those people taking my job have a wild and crazy weekend ahead of them. And for a cherry on top, a new girl starts today in the bakery and she has pastry chef experience so the other girls are feeling threatened. How does it feeeel?

I feel beat up; the work hangover. Of course, I wake up at 6:30. I didn’t get home until 10:40 at night. Stayed up until 1:30 drifting in and out of sleep, then wake up too early. Extra coffee day.

I can stick to my painting! Yesterday I did a couple of hours and got a little more done.


Maybe I’ll even finish it this weekend. I hope to do something with friends but that might not happen.

One last thought on “stick”: I wish I could tell them where to stick that job.

Going to make another pot of coffee now……

The Painting Resumes…. sort of

I got another wall done yesterday. It’s so frustrating how long this is taking.

Monday I went and bought the paint for the walls then visited with my sister as my niece and grandnephew were there.  In the afternoon I got one wall done.

The next morning I had a dental appointment and got a note from a friend that said she would drop in after lunch and we could go for a walk. This is a big deal for me; I’m making a new friend.  After I got home from the dentist, I saw my place through other people’s eyes: in the midst of painting and two days of depression, its really a mess. So I started cleaning.

Somewhere between 2:30 and 3:00 my friend hadn’t showed up and I decided it was too late to start painting so I had a nap. She showed up around 4:30 and said she worked that morning then came home and had a nap. Yep, once you reach 60, afternoon naps are almost necessary to get through the rest of the day.

We just talked but that was great. I have a friend and she has a sister so I made two friends!

That night my 92 year old aunt went into the hospital. I made plans to go with my sister to see her but in the morning, my sister said I really didn’t need to go. I had all day to paint so I took the ‘out’.

I got a good start the next morning….. again, it takes a long time to tape things up and cover everything. I did all the trims and the double doors, a second coat on the main wall……. and then my body gave up.  My arms would not go up anymore and the next stretch was the little strip above the cupboards. I was sweating, grouchy and tired and it was only 2:40. Damn, so much for ‘all day’.  An early start just means you burn out earlier.  I cleaned up, laid down and was out like a light.

When I woke up I texted my sister because I hadn’t heard from her. She was still at the hospital and hadn’t spoken to the doctor’s yet. I felt so bad for her and so guilty for not being there. They had phoned her at 3:15 a.m. (yes, 3:15 a.m.) to get information on my aunt. She was beyond tired.

(My aunt will make it and be in the hospital for the long weekend.)

Today I have to take my car in at 10:00 and get my sister to pick me up (sorry, Jen)  and wait for it. I’ll get home this afternoon for a few hours then back to Grand Bend to work at 5:00. No painting today.

Tomorrow I work at night again so I hope to get more done during the day.

I don’t know yet if I’m working Sunday or Monday; I haven’t been at work to see next week’s schedules. And I should visit my aunt.

I originally thought I was going to finish this last weekend. Now I will happy if I can get it finished this weekend.

My friend asked me what colour I was going to do the living room. I said, “HA!  Not this year!”

I just want to get this done.




What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?

So many household tasks came to mind I couldn’t pick one. I live on my own and have a house and yard so I’m sick of doing every single thing by myself.  Inside housework, outside yard work, bill paying, money earning, cooking, taking the car for maintenance, …..


003(Every time I take a photo of my work it’s cloudy!)

This painting job should be finished but I had a set back for a couple of days. I was going to get paint before working Friday night and paint all weekend but my boss called me in early. It was a terrible night…. bad enough to write about …. so I put off buying paint until Monday.

I really wanted to see this wall painted as I’ve been living in newspapers and tarps and looking at bare, dirty walls. This does not help depression.

This morning I have to go to the dentist and hope to do some more this afternoon.

It would be so nice if someone was painting while I did everything else. Or if someone else took my car in for me; the snow tires are still on and it’s way overdue for an oil change. It goes in Thursday morning and I’m working Thursday night which means back and forth to Grand Bend twice.

My lawn needs it’s first cut already: I have my fingers crossed that my mower will start up. If not…. what then?

I’m looking at how I can made a sidewalk in front of my house ….. cheaply and by myself.

Mostly I hate organizing papers, which is my worst mess. I can always put that off because there is always so much to do….. by myself.

It gets to me.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves.”

What Would Wilma Flintstone Do?

A good laugh this morning! Thanks, Nancy Roman!


Two Sundays ago, as we lingered over a sixth cup of coffee, we happened to look out the window and realized that we had company.

bear 4-26-15

We were very excited to see our visitor.  Although we were glad that he didn’t knock on the door, and he may have lumbered around the patio just a bit too long.

It is terrific to live so close to nature. That being said, we vowed to take down all the bird feeders the next day.

We had a ton of yard work to do, so we spent the afternoon raking and cleaning up winter debris – and those of you who live in a more temperate climate may be in disbelief that winter clean-up is done in April in northwest Connecticut – but yeah, and in our winter coats too.

After the bear sighting, we had a plan to stick together that day. But…

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I’m Down

Yep, I’m in a slump. I was such a mess yesterday I didn’t even want to try Stream of Conciousness Saturday. I had a very bad night, Friday at work. My ‘work hangover’ was intense Saturday morning…. aching body, headache, anxiety and depression.

Last week and this week I have two four-hour shifts in the bakery at night. That’s it.  That’s $88 for the week. They hired a slew of new cashiers that are being trained so I have no hours on cash. In the bakery they have trained someone else to do my job and I get the teenagers cleaning shift. Not only that, the favourite teenager is now being trained and she’s getting day shifts. My boss and the other ‘cake’ person like the younger women better (as the whole world does) and they are making sure they are better.

I have four hours on the night shift and they have been throwing in cakes for me to do first before cleaning so I don’t have enough time to finish. It’s very frustrating because I take pride in doing my job right but I don’t have enough time.

On Friday my boss phoned and asked if I could come in early. “YES!”  I said and he laughed. I thought he was  giving me more time. He wanted me in two and half hours earlier which just gave me enough time to get ready and go.

There are a lot of new products I’m not familiar with because I’ve only been on nights. So he started showing me the new buns and breads that are brought out and prepared for baking the next morning. He was brusque, spoke very fast, and hated to repeat anything.  He left at 5:00 and gave me a list of stuff to do. It’s fairly new to me so finding things in the freezer is hard when I don’t know what the boxes look like. He said I should take my break from 6:00 to 6:30.  I finished the break-outs at 6:15 and took my break until 6:45.

There was a huge stack of trays and muffin tins in the sink. Empty buckets of icing and muffin mix, dried on because they didn’t bother to rinse them. There were so many empty cardboard boxes, many of them not broken down. After I’d taken a whole, stuffed cart to the compactor I found another stack piled up on top of a baking rack. (?)

There were breads to be sliced, buns and bagels to bag up…..  at 8:55, a concerned manager came by and asked how I was doing…. I had meltdown and started to cry.  They sent two young guys who helped me finish mopping the floor and cleaned the last counter while I bagged bagels. It makes me cry now just thinking about it.

I have no doubt my boss knows exactly what he is doing and hopes I’ll quit. He doesn’t have the least concern that I’m 62 years old and have to work like this, at night, while being treated like crap. It’s chest-crushing depressing.

Yesterday was a write-off. I felt like shit and didn’t want to do anything. Today I feel better physically because I had lots of rest but I’m very down.

I’ve got my paint samples on the wall……  I wish I had the paint here because I don’t feel like driving to Grand Bend. I struggle with depression and try very hard to do things to buoy me up. But this time I got knocked down and I just don’t feel like getting up.

Fortunately, I don’t have to. I’m in a peaceful, quiet place with all my favourite treats and lots of great stuff to watch on TV. I’m not at that crazy place on Mother’s Day, working.  HA! I’ve already made myself feel better…..  At least I’m not THERE!

001(top of line 4 is my pick.)

Quick Edit; I just found this clip to entertain myself with; Love Bogey!



Today’s prompt asks us to reveal what makes us jealous. That’s such a harsh word that I don’t think I feel jealousy.  That feels like “why should SHE have that and not me?” and be mad or dislike them for it. Being a strong believer in Karma, I don’t ask those kind of questions.

But I do get envious, which sounds more like, “I wish I had that.” but you’re still happy for the person that has it.

The people I envy the most are retired ladies with wonderful husbands, kids and grandchildren and don’t have to worry about money at all. It must be so wonderful to just plan your day around the people you love; to have a supportive spouse who loves you and wants to see you happy, who helps around the house and yard. If it’s big job, you hire someone. You can plan on things you want to do together, like ‘outings’ and vacations.

The weekend is coming up so you get into your comfortable car and go stock up on great food for your visiting family and/or friends. Or plan on visiting them. Your calendar is filled with things to do, people to see, places to go.

This weekend is extra special; Mother’s Day. They will be loved and pampered and get lovely cards and presents saying how wonderful they are. They will be swooning with love and joy.

I see women like this at work, shopping, and I envy them but I don’t feel bitterness toward them… I just wonder if they know how very lucky they are.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Green-Eyed Lady.”