SoCS; his/hers

I’m drawing a blank on todays prompt; “his/her(s)”. There is no his/hers here; only me and mine. Sometimes this can be a problem.

When I was married, we fought. My husband was bully: I had to pick my battles and not argue over everything so something like buying a couch or painting a room a colour would start a fight. The battle would continue until a mutual agreement was met.

Now that everything is my own decision, it’s harder to reach a conclusion. For instance. some days I can stay home and do housework or not do housework or go to town or….. whatever.

I keep thinking about painting my bathroom which I want to do when you can open windows. Should I do it turquoise? white? blue? They all would be nice. I really would like faux marble but do I take that on myself when I’ve never done faux marble? Maybe.

When you have his opinion and her opinion you roll them around until a firm agreement is made.

When the sky is the limit there are too many possibilities.