SoCS: Rope

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rope.” Use it as a noun or a verb.

Two things popped into my head, I think the movie “Rope” was first. Great Alfred Hitchcock movie! All set in one room. Its based on the Leopold and Loeb.. . . the two guys that murdered just to see what it was like. One is a psychopath and the other slowly unravels. Jimmy Stewart is the guy that figures it all out. There’s a lot of smoking and drinking and when someone is leaving they say “Have one for the road!”

The other rope I think about is the one we are given as karma. We have a certain amount of free will in our white privileged society. If you are rich and beautiful, you can literally get away with murder. If you can do anything you want . . . what will you choose? If you are given this great bounty . . . what do you choose to do with it? We are given enough rope to hang ourselves with. . . if we choose.

SoCS: complain

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “comp.” Find a word that starts with or contains “comp” and use it in your post. 

Aw, sorry everyone; its ‘complain’. I know I complain a lot here but that’s what this blog is for now: to complain in anonymity. Perhaps that’s why I still don’t have many followers. I don’t really care about numbers; I just like this prompt for my weekly complaint.

I started this blog 10 years ago called “sixty, single and still surviving.” This year I turn 70; maybe I’ll change it to: “seventy and still complaining.”

My complaint today is most people’s complaint these days. Everything is so damned expensive! For those of us on Old Age Pension; its killer! The only thing I can do is stay home. After 2 years of living in isolation now I still have to stay home! I don’t want to use gas and I don’t want to burn propane when I’m out. I have a small amount of money left and we have a 5 week month.

My propane company makes me pay ahead. They call it COD however they usually have my money for several days before they deliver. The minimum order was $400. I sent an e-transfer on Sunday night to be sure she got it first thing Monday morning. Password: propane. Early Monday morning I got an email from the bank; McRoberts had accepted my money.

Tuesday night they hadn’t shown up yet. I’m running very low. I sent off an e-mail saying “I hope you realize the $400 you accepted with password ‘propane’ meant I’m ordering propane.”

Wednesday morning she called me: “The minimum order is now $500. Send me another $100 and I will put you on the list for delivery.” Seriously? She couldn’t have put me on the list for delivery then e-mailed me to send her another $100? Just wait for me to realize they aren’t coming? Unbelievable.

They came yesterday and what’s more unbelievable is how much propane I got for $500. 75% of one tank.

Luckily its been warm and I still have firewood but its still cold enough in the morning to use my furnace. As soon as it hits 20 C, its turned off for the rest of the day.

And then I do that thing, after I complain, when I remember what’s going on in Ukraine and I ashamed of my complaints. I think of the women with their kids; sleeping in subways, not knowing where to go. Its heartbreaking.

I remember that I own a house and only responsible for myself. I can’t imagine what young people with children are facing these days. Talk about the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer! Holy Shite! Rich homes and condos going in all around here in beach towns; bought for Airbnb’s. The people who lived in the old cottages and apartments above the stores are displaced and many are homeless. Many have to live in their cars so they can drive into town for their jobs, serving the rich. Its so disgusting.

I have this picture of Mr. Burns in my media library because that’s how I imagine McRobert Fuels to look like and I have complained about them so many times! But now it also looks like all those rich getting richer on the backs of the poor.

SoCS: trip

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trip.” Use it any way you’d like.

I’m guessing Linda’s inspiration for this is because its the beginning of March Break in Canada and this year people can travel. Is anyone going on a trip? Many, many people. It was on the news last night, before the news on Ukraine. They were interviewing families at the airport and everyone said the same thing: “We haven’t been away in two years!” Even little kids, maybe 7 – 10 yrs old “I haven’t been away in two years!”

I don’t know how many years its been since I’ve been away. About 10 years ago we helped my aunt move her stuff up here from Florida but I was sick with a mystery illness and my aunt was in a constant tizzy so it wasn’t much fun.

I used to go on a lot of trips when I was married so its been at least 15 years. My married friends are planning their trips now. I hear “much needed getaway” a lot from a friend who writes often. She wants to come here again, after her trip to Cuba. She comes 2 or 3 times a year but I’ve never been invited to her place. I have been heavily hinting like; “yeah, it sure would be nice to go somewhere!”. I even said how great it would be to go to TO, eat in restaurants, go out! She said, “maybe next year”.

So I guess the best hope for me taking a trip is to drop acid!

Then there are the ‘tripping’ safety issues that come to mind. One of the things they recommend when you have osteoporosis to make sure you don’t have things that could cause you to trip. Like various throw rugs, runners and mule slippers: bad combination. I’ve had some close calls. . . “what a drag it is getting old.”

Well, that’s all I got about trips.

SoCS: way to go

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “way to go.” Use it as a phrase or use it in its literal sense. 

Funny, I saw the prompt this morning and thought I wasn’t going to do it. I’ve been down and didn’t want to write another bummer post. I was not inspired by ‘way to go’.

But I wrote to a friend about a story I saw about a Russian captured soldier. The Ukrainians gave him hot tea and let him call his mom on Facetime. He was in tears saying he didn’t want to be there and they did not know they were going to war. The Ukrainian people are now going to the convoy with megaphones telling the soldiers if they surrender they will be fed and housed. Then I wrote, without thinking about it; LOVE IS THE WAY TO GO.

So I guess I wrote it after all.