Life in Retirement

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! Sunny and above freezing; I couldn’t wait to get out.

I had a doctor appointment merely to re-new a prescription and pick up a ‘poop-on-a-stick’ kit. That’s a colon cancer test you do at home and send samples through the mail. There was a student nurse who led me to the consultation room to go over how to do the kit. I told her I’d done it before but she asked if she could go over it again to practice.

We went over it step-by-step. When it came to the part of taking the samples, she suggested putting layers of toilet paper on the water to hold up the poop. Another method was to catch it in a margarine tub. I told her I used yet another method suggested to me by the last nurse; put plastic wrap across the bowl to catch the poop before it hits the water.

You then take a sample at each end of the poop with sticks provided and make a couple of little smear samples, for three days and send it off in the mail. It’s a whole kit to do this in a sanitary manner. She went over everything in painstaking detail.

The doctor came in, not my doctor who was away, a strange doctor. She said now that I was 65 I could get free shingles and pneumonia vaccines. She went all through my file and finally wrote out the prescription I came for.

I was ushered to another room and given the shots by the same student nurse. This was a learning experience so the regular nurse went over all the details of both vaccines, the needles and where to shoot them.  The student nurse then carefully gave me both shots while the other nurse printed up information about what they where injecting into my body.

Finally outside again! It was glorious! After a brutal 6 weeks of snow storms and darkness,  a warm AND sunny day! I’d been to town the day before to get groceries and supposedly to pick up my kit and get a renewal but they had wanted a consultation. I could go back home and maybe get out on the trail, check out the beach. Do something outside for sure!

I had some lunch and started to feel tired, way more tired than I should feel for just going to town. When I stood up and got woozy I decided to read the information she gave me. It was the pneumonia vaccine, ‘may make you tired and/or have a headache, may last two days’. Luckily, no headache.

Sitting in the sun on the couch, my eyes (and arms) were getting heavy. I laid down and shut my eyes and fell fast asleep.

Woke up groggy about 4:00. I still had to bring in firewood. Outside; it was so nice! I felt like I missed it!

Oh, well, having an afternoon nap in the sun on the couch is nothing to complain about. It’s one of the goals in my retirement.

Today is warm again but rainy. That’s OK, it will melt my driveway back down to the gravel.

I’m going to SuperStore (where, hopefully, they are marking down Valentines chocolate) then to my sister’s who has my grandnephew staying with her. Tonight is “Bingo and a Tune” on the local radio; something I started last week after I found an old radio I forgot about. I have ‘dabber’ on my shopping list. Tonight’s Jackpot is $2000.

Today’s prompt is ‘costume’ so there’s no way to link this. It’s just slice of life in retirement.