Ceiling Stories

Thank Goodness I’m off today. My body aches and my brain doesn’t want to think about stuff. We are in the middle of the summer frenzy in our tourist beach town.

 Grand Bend’s year-round population of 2,000 people swells to about 50,000 in the summer months on holiday weekends. (I copied and pasted that ’cause it was easier)

Frankly, I don’t know how we even do it but we do serve thousands of people cakes, cupcakes, buns, breads and all the countless commercial products that fly off the shelves. We do special order birthday cakes which can really pile up by the weekend and somehow make all the regular cakes as fast as they can take them.

On top of this we had two people out this week, our young people phone in regularly that they can’t come in. One is out with a bad back, another has a bad burn on her hand, both are considering workman’s compensation. Any days off I would have had were filled in with extra shifts.

Yesterday the main cake decorator and I were in together, she had a full day of cake orders, I made S’mores, Brownie Bar and Black Forest cakes. While making these as fast as we can, we also slice bread, give free cookies to obnoxious kids and answer stupid questions constantly.  It really wears you down.

Since we had to share the cake counter, I used part of that counter and the other ‘bread table’ to work on. I had to tell you all of this to give you the setting: in the ceiling above my head, while working at the ‘bread table’, is the speaker where all the music and announcements come out of. Usually the sounds are muffled somewhat by the oven vent but this spot is directly under the speaker providing a cone of sound below.

Thankfully, our music is bearable; soft rock and pop hits but we hear the same songs everyday.  And Sarah is back for the summer. Sarah who does the announcements really loud with a valley girl, perky chirp ending with “… and have a great day!”, again, really loud.

Then it happened, the song I hate the most; ‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift. (Even writing it makes my lip curl.) I reached my breaking point, my mind screamed out in agony……”NO! I can’t take anymore………!” 

My co-workers both laughed and said at the same time: “They’re playing your song!”


But that wasn’t the ceiling story I wanted to tell you; I just wanted to complain about my job.

A few years back it seemed that ghostly orbs were popular. I watched Ghost Adventures and had seen other footage and photos of ethereal orbs.

One night I was lying in my bed and saw a small green orb on my ceiling. My eyes bugged open and my heart started beating faster. I blinked a few times, it was still there and then it started moving. I was really freaking out now. Then it blinked a couple of times but a familiar kind of blink……. it was a firefly walking on my ceiling. Because I’m short-sighted a bit of light appears round when blurry.

I did manage to get it in a jar and felt the wonder of a child in that moment; happy it wasn’t a ghost.


Right now its hot and rainy so hundreds of campers and cottagers are headed for our store to get buns and something good to eat. It’s so peaceful here; only birdies chirping. My plans for today are to wash my aprons, lie under my ceiling fan and watch TV.  Tomorrow I start a full week of 7-hours shifts. It’s a work marathon. (Just in case you’re scoffing….. I’m 64½.)

Six more weeks until Labour Day; my last summer doing this.


Major Bumble Shows Age

What are the icing bags doing in the microwave?” my boss asked me yesterday (Wednesday). I looked over shocked because I sure didn’t remember doing it but there was the box of piping bags in the microwave instead of the cupboard below and it could only have been me.

I’m still laughing about it but, good Lord, I’m turning into a bumbling old lady.







Omar Khadr

Recently the biggest news in Canada is the 10.5 million dollar settlement and apology that is being given to Omar Khadr. You can just imagine the uproar on Facebook of people outraged that ‘Justin Trudeau is giving a convicted terrorist 10.5 million dollars!’.

Ignorant people jump on these headlines and never bother to find out the facts before they start shooting off their mouths. Even more ignorant when their only headlines come from Facebook. Outraged Conservatives rush in to use this opportunity to smear the Liberals.

The story is of a 15 year-old boy who was raised in Canada but taken to Pakistan and Afghanistan by this father who was a doctor. He was there to help and sent his son to help wherever help was needed. Omar did what his father told him to do. To his father, they were his old neighbours, to the government he was helping insurgents.

Omar was sent into the front lines as an interpreter when the compound he was living in was attacked by American forces. He survived the bombing and when the ground troops moved in, he tossed a grenade out in fear. Two soldiers were killed, however, he was not the only one that threw out grenades so no one knows for sure if it was his grenade that killed the soldiers.  He was taken to Guantanamo Bay where he stayed for 10 years being interrogated.

A lawyer in Canada who heard of his plight worked hard to get him transferred to prison in Canada. After years of court battles the only way to get out of Guantanamo was to plead guilty. If he didn’t plead guilty, he could be held indefinitely without a trial. That’s how he became a ‘convicted terrorist’.

I knew this part of the story so I was interested in seeing interviews with him in a show aired by CBC called “Out of the Shadows”.

The story of what this kid/man went through was shocking enough but I was blown away by how well-spoken, compassionate, forgiving and positive he was! There was no hatred or thoughts of revenge: he’d had those thoughts the first years in captivity but later his spirit grew to such heights that he affected the worst, most feared interrogator in Guantanamo. Everyone; inmates, guards, doctors, psychiatrists all knew a great injustice was being done and it could go on and on ‘indefinitely’.

His story reminds me of Viktor Frankl, or Nelson Mandala or (dare I say) Jesus when the Roman soldier offered to carry his cross; people who are held in captivity and so badly treated and yet their spirit thrives. It’s an inspiring story.

What does he want to do the most? He wants to be able to walk down a street and no one knows who he is or cares about him at all. Just blend in and live life. He says his goals are abstract; happiness and joy.

This is such a great reminder of how precious, fragile and wonderful our mundane, ordinary lives are, how important it is to love and forgive others. This is a story everyone should hear.



Perfect Day at the Powwow

Yesterday was perfect weather for the Powwow. It was cool and breezy, the lake  had whitecaps which is unusual for our shallow beach. I live in a strip of land in the middle of a split reserve; Kettle and Stony Point. (Some still say its Stoney) so I took the back road into the reserve taking me past the beaches and around the actual Kettle Point.

Stock shot off the internet of a kettle and Kettle Point.

I continued past the marinas and cottages to the Powwow grounds and parked under a tree along the road. I could back in, making it easy to drive out; a perfect spot. Getting out of my car, another was backing in beside me. It was the people I was meeting: my niece-in-law, grandniece, my sister and her friend.

Seniors (over 60) are free so the woman at the admissions said, “Step right through, Ladies!”.

I said “Well, you could’ve at least asked!” and we all laughed. A young man stamped my hand which was a beautiful dream catcher. It was smeared so I asked him to do the other hand, that one smeared too but least I had both halves.

We found a perfect spot where the shade was just coming around and we set up our lawn chairs behind a slumped old lady and a little girl. The breeze was stronger off the lake giving a little shiver sometimes but no one was complaining after the oppressive heat we’ve had.

A Powwow is not somewhere you go around telling people you are vegetarian. I would totally expect to be sniggered at. An Indian Taco is what everyone goes for; basically a quarter pound of ground beef on a big wheat taco with a few vegetables on top. However, I found a smaller booth with corn tortillas and beans who would leave out the meat. They had extra tomato, lettuce and sour cream topping. It was so good I went back for another.

The drumming starts for Grand Entry and all the dancers go around the dance circle. It always starts with the veterans. It’s a good reminder of how many have fought for our country while being so badly treated. Then there is a speech and a prayer giving thanks to the Creator.

Too bad someone is in the middle but it was such a good flag shot!

There weren’t many dancers unfortunately. It was Saturday so hopefully many more would arrive later and compete today.  Each category was spread out around the dance circle so it was hard to get a photo of a group of dancers. I was disappointed in my photos. Here’s the best one;

girls 7 to 12,  Fancy Shawl Dancers



The colours and sparkles in the sun and wind were magical. The drums and the singing fills your heart. It really is wonderful. I urge everyone to find their local reserve and go to its Powwow. It is for everyone and a great way to bring the communities together.

There are booths with fantastic Native crafts. You have to a walk around around first and scout it out or you run out of money fast.  I bought a necklace for $10, some Sweetgrass oil and a cool night-light;


I did run out of money except for the $50 bill I stashed in my wallet pocket in case I found something fabulous. I decided candy floss was not a good enough reason to break it.

I got to dance, too; my grand-niece is one-quarter native and very interested in dancing. We did a spot dance together. That’s for anyone and everyone; when the music stops; who ever is on the ‘spot’ wins a prize. This time it was $35.  I’ve heard Six Nations Powwow has a ‘Wannabe’ dance competition for non-natives. It’s wonderful getting in there and stepping to the drums. If you have kids or grandkids…. take them to a Powwow!

Just when I was starting to get tired the ladies decided we were leaving. We said our goodbyes and I drove back the long way around the Point and along the beach.

It was the perfect time to get some sun and a nap. Not too hot and close to 5:00 p.m.; a gently breeze blowing. I was drifting off between motorcycles when I heard my neighbours fighting. I tried hard to hear what they were yelling but it was muffled by the breeze blowing through the leaves and passing motorcycles. Finally, I gave up and went in to continue my nap on the couch; still lying in the sun with a soft breeze blowing across me.  Heavenly!

A perfect day.

Today is gorgeous, weather-wise,  but I have to go into work tonight; 5:00 to 10:00. Horrible. The cloud of ‘going in’ hangs over my day. On one hand I hope they don’t call me in early, on the other hand, there may be more work than I can do in 5 hours and I’ll be alone to serve customers, too. It’s very stressful. Just driving in is tiring because of all the tourists. Now I have to give myself 45 minutes to get to work.

Luckily I don’t have to work tomorrow and can deal with my broken-down lawn mower. Life is so rarely perfect so it sure is nice when things go right.


OMG! When I wrote this post the daily prompt was not up yet. I published it anyway then went to look to see if the prompt came up. I’m not sure whether to link this or not! Savage is what we used to call Indigenous People. This dancing and drumming was illegal in our lifetime!  Let’s all celebrate reconciliation!


An Ick-free Day!

I am so sick of Trump. Trump everywhere in the media. What a dick. He’s so much of a dick that you can’t help watching the news or Bill Maher just to find out what stupid thing he did now.

We, here in Canada, act so smug because we have Justin Trudeau. He’s so cool, so slick…… here’s a shocker…. I didn’t vote for him! He was not my pick, I’m firm NDP and vote to ensure they have a voice in Parliament. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of him…… after so many years of Harper he’s a breath of clean, fresh hair. I just thought he was too young and riding on his Dad’s shoulders.

I haven’t written much lately, I’m not sick but I’m sure sick of work. I’m getting to really hate this job and dread going in. The last summer…. the last summer….. that’s my mantra.

But I’m not going to get my knickers in a knot today. I have the day off to go to the Powwow and that icky heat and humidity has lifted! It’s going to be 24 C and breezy. The lake is roaring today from the storm last night, what a great day for drumming, dancing and singing!

Far, far away from the world of  Trump and white, corporate bullshit. An ick-free day!



Oooh, It’ Canada Day

Well, tonight everyone is going to be ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ over the fireworks. I might even see some. The town I work in is having a huge display over the lake. It starts at 10:00 and I get off work at 10:00. The store is only a few blocks from the beach so I might just walk over after work….. maybe, if I’m not too exhausted to care.

I’m not a big fan of fireworks. So noisy, polluting and terrifying to animals and birds. In my last house we lived behind a cricket field where they had fireworks every Canada Day. We watched from behind in the woods and after every bang all the birds flapped and clucked in fear. We all know how our dogs react so all those little animals outside are doing the same.

Last night I was watching TV, windows closed when a huge bang made me jump. Then another and another…… a whole series of bangs for 15 minutes. I looked out thinking must be able to see them but they were too far, yet the noise was like it was next door.

Another thing making me ambivalent towards Canada Day is that I have 10 or 12 Facebook friends who are First Nations so I’ve had lots of reminders on how our great country was built on broken treaties. 150 years isn’t that long compared to the 13,000 years they’ve been here. What we did to the Indigenous people is nothing to be proud of.

On the other hand; I love Canada! What a great country to live in! Of course we want to celebrate being Canadian. I’ve just had it up to my eyeballs in Canada Day Flag every-fucking-thing in the store. So sick of Canada Day cakes and cupcakes and every thing covered in red and white and flags……. this has been going on all week for us and now it peaks today…. today is The Day. Canada Day.

My ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aahs’ will come tonight when I close my front door behind me.

“aah…. I’m home.”

“ooh” (more of an ‘ew’) when I take of those polyester pants. “aaahhh” when I take off my bra and massage my squished breasts.

Then the bigger “AAAH” when I put on my soft, worn out cotton PJ’s and the final ‘aahh’ when reclining on my couch.

Happy Canada Day! Be nice to the people who are working to serve you.


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ooooh, aaaah,”. Use it as a phrase, or break it apart.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 1/17