SoCS: Fridge

The last thing I put in my fridge was Coffee Mate. Yes, I know its not the healthiest but it sure it the best tasting! It makes your coffee taste like Tim Horton’s coffee.

I only drink 2 cups of coffee first in the morning so I’m not worried about the unhealthy effects of 2 dribbles of Coffee Mate. Its creamy but lasts for weeks and it has sweetener so I don’t have to buy sugar.

I used to use honey and half and half. The half and half never lasted and the honey added a distinct flavour. However, I used to have an unlimited supply of honey which I don’t have now.

I used to be married to a beekeeper. We had over 100 hives at one point and did two farmers markets. I had a side business making hand cream, lip balm and candles with beeswax. I would be so busy this time of year getting stuff make for Christmas when I made some good money.

I put in 25 years helping in every part of the beekeeping and the business. I made signs and decorated our market booths. Collected bee parafenlia parenfanalia where’s the damn spell check? I can’t be bothered to look it up.

Most of the morning is over and it hasn’t been pleasant. I have a stray cat drama here. Its wild, skinny, scared and no one can get near it. My neighbour is working on feeding it and I hope they are going to take it somewhere and not set it up in my shed for the winter with the door cracked open.

So I sure don’t feel like writing about how I lost my home, mate and business all in one day.

I’ve got a fire going in my woodstove and I’m going to watch TV today. No one has to tell me to isolate; I go willingly.

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SoCS: ring

‘It rings true’. Truth rings. You can feel when something is true; it rings inside you. When something is a falsehood it has that buzzer; blleeymp! wrong answer.

I like the truth; it rings all over here. Ringing church bell, loud and clear like it or not.

Lately I’ve had a lot of ‘blleeymp!’ bullshit thrown at me. I’m not going to get into it. Its the regular kind of bullshit people live with everyday.

I want Truth to ring everywhere.

Biden won.

You have to wear a mask.

We all are who we are and can’t help being who we are.

Here in Canada we are being told to “Stay Home!” Hell, you don’t have to tell me! There’s nothing more I want to than to stay home and ring my bell.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adverb, or an adjective…use it any way you’d like. 

SoCS: trick

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trick.” Use it any way you’d like.

I learned 2 new tricks on the computer this week!

One I discovered yesterday called . Pages and pages of faces to put your face into. A friend posted a photo of herself as a sexy witch but she is young and beautiful and can get away with it. And I get tired of people putting themselves out there as so much better looking than they really are. What’s the point? Hope they never see you again? I will gladly show my photo at the end, sans eyebrows which was necessary for the photo. After the official SoCS photo because I don’t want to see me in the reader.

The other trick I learned was screen-sharing on Zoom! I was reading 10 definitions out loud in my Zoom Balderdash game, twice sometimes 3 times.

I got a game going with my group I volunteer for. The program director collected the definitions and screen-shared them; reading them out only once and letting everyone read them. So much better! I immediately went to copy and paste all my definitions for that night onto a Word document and and friend walked me through screen-sharing.

The only downside of this was that my cursive was getting so much better writing them all out.

Another trick I will mention is a Canadian show ‘Trickster’ on CBC.

So many cultures have The Trickster. Not evil but mischievous which is still pretty darn scary. Nobody wants a mischievous spirit playing with their head.

I just realized I have been spelling and therefore pronouncing mischievous wrong all my life: I have been saying mischevious. Hmm. That would have been good for last week’s post about bad spelling.

Anyway, Trickster, on CBC. Its really good!

I’ll go back and finish off my stream of consciousness by going to get some links which is bending the rules but a link is really a neat trick.

And then I’m going back to ‘face in the hole’ to make one for my grandnephew. Maybe the whole family. What a fun trick!


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with ‘m’.” Use any word that begins with the letter “m” as the subject or theme for your post.

Me! Beautiful me! Wonderful me! My name begins with ‘M’ and my married initials were M.E. Actually its hyphenated with my maiden name (maiden, ha!) so it would be MLE but for the sake of this post today its ME!

Oh . . . wait a minute: that means the subject is me.

I was born in . . . blah, blah blah.

And now I’m here! Retired, healthy and feeling very fortunate.

It just so happens that my job for today begins with M. I am taking the buds off my dried marijuana plant. Its legal here; we can grow 4 plants and I did.

I’m a Mastafarian and worship Mah.

A chance to use that joke!

SoCS: excersize!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a word you have to look up.” We all have words we can never spell. Use one of yours in your post and let that word drive your stream of consciousness where ever it goes.

I use it so much; exercise. Hey, I got it! I want to spell it excersize. Its ex- cer and I was sure there had to be a zed in there. I spelled it so wrong, so many times and looked it up so many times.

Exericise . . ha! Exercise is my volunteer gig! I volunteer for a mental health program and they sent me to a course to teach exercise to seniors. It was an expensive, university course! I would say exercise is a very important thing: I nag people who don’t.

I’m getting lots of excersize (no I didn’t do that on purpose) taking loads of firewood in my wheel barrow and stacking it in the wood shed. I’ve been so obsessed about getting it done I hadn’t been out on the trail which is right next to my house. So many days I told myself I was going out on the trail but then just chucked wood until I was too tired.

The colours of the leaves are beautiful; the smell of wet birch leaves is heavenly so I took only one load into the shed yesterday then went for a hike.

Exercise is so important! I am 67 years old and its really easy to tell who has been eating right and exercising at my age. If you are young or even getting middle aged; make exercise a habit now! Walk, dance, play a sport, whatever; make it part of your life. I am so thankful my mom nagged me!

I’m going to turn this prompt on its side to talk about my Zoom Balderdash game. Its a word you are not supposed to look up!

I highly recommend starting this game with friends to get ready for a long, dark, lonely winter. Just a few zoom meetings I regularly go on now has improved my mental health a lot! I live alone and can go days without talking to anyone. Writing and texting is not the same.

(I already have too many players so this isn’t an invitation.)

I send out 2 words on Monday by e-mail that no one knows the meaning of. Each player sends me their made up definitions by email or text. Wednesday evening we meet on Zoom and I read all the definitions along with the real one. Then everyone guesses. You get a point for the guessing the right answer but you also get a point for each person that guesses your definition.

It only takes a half hour to play 2 words but its a little something to look forward to.

So, there’s my advice for everyone to improve your mental health; excersize, exersize, exercise and get on Zoom with friends.

SoCS: new/ old

I completely forgot to do the prompt last Saturday. And I’m down to only doing this prompt. Its an old blog; I don’t write many new posts.

But I can talk about my old/new friend. Remember a few weeks ago, I said I wouldn’t tell a friend I had a blog because then I can complain about her? Well, the time is here.

She’s an old friend because we were friends between the ages 10 – 15. Then we moved apart and lost contact for 40 years! We know it was forty years because we went to summer school the year of Woodstock; we were 15. That was the last year I saw her.

About a year and half ago; I found her on Facebook. We were so excited! After a whole lifetime apart; she seemed like a new friend. She came to visit. then she came to visit again. And again.

She was here in August for four days and it was difficult. She sleeps in until about 10:30 then spends hours on social media. I’m not exaggerating; hours talking about American politics and we’re Canadian!

Now she’s coming again. She doesn’t ask if its OK; she asks “when’s a good time?” Kind of hard to say I’m too busy these days! I don’t want to ruin the friendship but I also don’t want her to come. Its too soon to have her again for 4 days.

We are in the Second Wave of Covid now. Numbers are rising again. Last night the Ontario government re-issued restrictions to only see ‘people in your own household’. That’s me. Just me in this household. I am hoping she will take that literally and cancel her trip.

What’s NEW is great! Zoom has been a boom! I have an exercise class, a game, a chat room and the local Women’s Cannabis Club. I’m a new member so it was my first zoom meeting on Thursday. My mental health has improved so much thanks to Zoom! I’m starting to like it more than going out!

Now I have to actually do some serious housework. It’s generally tidy but since I know no one can ever drop in anymore…. I’ve been lax.

Why won’t my old friend just be happy with the new Zoom?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “new/old.” Use either or both of the words “new and old” any way you’d like. Bonus points for starting and ending with either one.

SoCS: ‘tion

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-tion.” Find a word that ends with “tion.” Bonus points if you start your post with it.

Pay attention when you are typing in email addresses. I get them wrong the first time a lot.

If I get the address on my phone I have to type them into my computer on e-mail. I won’t email or gmail on my phone. I hate cell phones: it is only for texting and certain apps like the dictionary.

Anyway; this is about ‘tion’.

I was very lucky more than 50 years ago when we were forced to take typing in junior high. Thank Goodness. We did not know then the great benefit this would bestow on us! Another reason the keyboard, compared to tiny texting, is so much easier.

I got a last minute player for Balderdash and was typing in her email address. Her name ended in ‘ington’: my automatic typing kicked in and I just naturally typed in ‘tion’. When I saw it and tried to fix it; Windows 10 kept telling me I was spelling the name wrong.

I was in a hurry. I don’t want to go into confidential details but she lives a very isolated life due being traumatized by bullies. She was texting “that’s ok. it doesn’t matter” Oh hell, it does matter! OMG! You are joining this game!

(We had a really good game!)

Yesterday morning I went to pick up my shot for osteoporosis at the drug store and went on to the health center. They had told me to sit on the bench outside and someone would come out and get me. I was early so I sat out there for 15 minutes before I saw someone else go in. I got up and realized there was a sign on the door saying to come in. I was 10 minutes late; they changed their policy on how to enter. I didn’t pay attention.

I had to be home by 11:00 for a firewood delivery. He didn’t come until almost noon.

Satisfaction is another word that is pooping oops, popping into my head. Yesterday I got a lot accomplished.

I’ve been avoiding cleaning out the woodshed due to a hornets nest dead center in the roof inside. A few weeks ago they were flying in and out of the entrance so I couldn’t even go in. I had garbage in there and 2 opened, half used bags of manure. The first bag was on the other side of the hornets so I went and bought another bag, kept it in my wheelbarrow barely under the roof, and very carefully pulled it in and out of the shed.

Something tore up the paper cone so the brood was exposed. (I still can’t figure out what or how that got ripped open) I hated to do it but I blasted what was left with a Dawn/water solution. Then I put some boxes under it to make sure I wouldn’t hit it with my head.

I got all the garbage cleaned up and in the bin ready to take away. Threw all the wood left over from last year into the center, ready to stack today.

I thought he was going to bring another load today but he showed up about 5:00 with another load. Some people work so hard, you are just happy to pay them. I wish I had a handyman as good as this guy!

So: satisfaction! I got a lot accomplished yesterday!

SoCS: collar

Collar? Well, hell…. I am stumped. I have no collars in my life; physically or metaphorically.

All I can come up with is this;

“Well, you can collar my world with sunshine everyday….!”

It’s an affliction some of us have; turning every sound into a song. And there are so many songs in my memory files.

I know its ‘colour’ not collar. (Yes, colour is the correct spelling)

Now I’m just getting irritable. Should I even post this?

I’ll go see what everyone else came up with.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collar.” Use it as a verb, a noun, or metaphorically. Bonus points for using it in all three ways!

SoCS: sharp

I’ve used this word in my emails lately describing someone’s dinner time. They eat at 7:00 sharp, he says; his wife is very strict about that time.

The reason I’ve been talking about dinner times is I’m getting together Zoom meetings between Ontario and B.C. which have a 3 hour time difference. Seniors have very strict schedules and dinner times, especially couples. Couples have dinner time carved in stone whereas us singles say just give us the time and we’ll eat somewhere around that.

We already have a Zoom Room on Sunday for chatting at 5:00 pm my time, 2:00 pm in BC. But one friend in BC runs at 2:00 everyday and starts dinner at 5:30. A friend in Toronto is the 7:00 sharp guy. I’m getting too tired to talk by 8:00. I know, its starting to sound like a math test question.

This is my new (and very sharp) idea: Zoom Balderdash. On Monday I send out the word of the week to the players by email or text. They make up a definition and send it to me by 7:00 pm Wednesday. I open the Zoom Balderdash room at 7:30 and when everyone is present, read out all the definitions along with the right one. Then everyone votes on what answer they think is right. You get a point for guessing the right answer and a point for every player who guesses your answer.

I thought it would be good to have 2 days to think up a good or very funny definition; we aren’t so sharp anymore as to think up something on the spot and it would take way too long.

You got to love technology. We can all sit in the comfort of our own homes and visit each others places; see and hear each other sharp and clear.

We sure are going to need it this winter.

SoCS: I got a hundred

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “more than a hundred.” Write your post inspired by something you have more than a hundred of in your home right now. 

I have a hundred pieces fabric and hundreds of combinations of pieces of fabric to make masks with.

I can’t talk now. I have company I do not want to know I have a blog because then I wouldn’t be able to complain about them here.