JusJoJan 27; SoCS

I apologize to John Holton, who supports my blog, that I couldn’t post yesterday. I reached my blather saturation point. I could have talked about how my address is on a proposed road that never happened so they gave me a road address which is my neighbours number with  ‘B’ in front. There are some minor irritations but not often and I don’t care.

Yes, I’m burned out writing everyday.

Last night was Game Night #3. My sister showed up and we played Scrabble. A disappointment for sure but I still have hope for future Friday Games Night. At least we kept it going.→→→

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: movement. However, don’t use the word “movement.” Choose some sort of movement, and base your post on that. Enjoy!



JusJoJan 25; Prediction

Don’t we all wish we had a way of predicting the future? Horoscopes, psychics, coins tossed, tea leaves read…… what’s going to happen to me?

I confess I read daily horoscopes but I wouldn’t base any major decisions on it. Its more like the astral weather but I don’t believe it can predict the future.

All of the things that lay claim to predict the future can only predict the probabilities but there is no future carved in stone to predict. They can only predict what will probably happen if no outside influence changes the course of our stumbling on our merry way; pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain.

If this inertia was the way of life, evolution never would have happened. It takes only one little move, one little change and it changes the course of life itself. It takes only one person to stand up and speak out, fight for what’s right, and it changes the course of our society.

We live in this moment, Now, the only reality. We are all locked into this time/space continuum and sharing in it. Rumi called it ‘frozen.’ The actions we take now decide the future. Sometimes its easy just to go along with the status quo but there are times when we have to make a real push to stand up for what’s right.

It’s easy to hate but it’s hard to love. It’s easy to love those who are good to us but its hard to love those who are not. The first base reaction is revenge…. stumbling along the same old way over and over….. you probably know some people like that and they are certainly predicting their future.

We have that moment between reaction and action to think about what will be the best action for the future. Sometimes its the harder choice but it changes the course of our life and those lives around us for the better. It’s the best we can do for predicting a better future.

How do you make God laugh?  Tell him/her your plans.




JusJoJan 23; Colour

(I’m glad to see colour is spelled properly) This JusJoJan challenge is wearing me down. Every morning I get a word then try to think something up. Its starting to feel like, ‘blah, blah, blah’. I’m even boring myself.

I really dislike chitchat and chatting. The answering machine was the greatest invention of the 21st century. Texting is fabulous: say it in the shortest way possible and don’t drag on for another half hour of verbal diarrhea.

The ‘chat’ on Facebook is permanently off. I used to go on only early in the morning so I wouldn’t get the, “What are you doing?”  I’m on Facebook! WTF! I was so happy when learned I could turn it off.

I got a few things I could say involving colours but I don’t feel like talking.





JusJoJan 22; Liberty

Liberty….. do I have liberty! I retired at the end of December when I received my first Old Age Pension cheque. It’s enough for me to live on and I’m still swooning with joy that I don’t have to go to work anymore! I’ve worked weekends most of my life but no more! Every day is my day off!

Years ago I thought it was a very sad thing that I didn’t have children; I wanted them very much. But I didn’t and because of that I have more liberty than most folks. Luckily my sister had children and they had children so I have a happy family….. but without the worries! (And the calls to babysit)

So what am I doing with all my liberty? So far, not much and that’s the whole point. I’m slowly cleaning and organizing neglected areas but as soon as I get sick of it, I break off and just leave it. In the afternoon I watch movies and work on my jigsaw puzzle. The sun is slowly rising above the line of cedars on my driveway, hitting my couch around 2:00 but not for long. As the weeks go by I’ll get more and more afternoon sun. No more feeling SAD because I’m going into work and missing a sunny day.

The other day it was warm enough to get out for walk on the trail. The snow had melted down somewhat and wasn’t too deep to walk in. I was kind of nervous to see all the large dog prints with no accompanying boot prints….. coyotes! There is a private logging road that runs alongside the trail and had fresh truck tracks so I just stuck to that. So nice to get out and walk in sunshine!

So for all of you still working, with children and no time to yourself…… hang in there and keep on keeping on. Keep adding on that CPP, put away 10% of your net income and don’t touch it and if the government offers pension plans, take them!

Of course, my freedom rests on my health. At this age, anything can happen. I’m playing the odds, walking the razor’s edge, taking one day at a time, one step at a time. Now my only priority is my own health and happiness: that’s quite liberating!




JusJoJan, SoCS; ‘Oc’

Oh For Pete’ Sake it’s 10:00 and I still haven’t come up with a ‘oc’ word I want to use. I get up to think about and end up doing something then, oh yeah, my blog post is still sitting there.

I started with “Occasionally……….. ”   Occasionally what? I couldn’t think of anything I do occasionally off the top of my head.

Games Night is occurring! OC OK it’s a stretch. That’s why I didn’t want to use that.

It got off to a bumpy start; 4 people (2 pairs) dropped out. Then the two coming were going to bring two others but didn’t. In the meantime my neighbour changed her mind and came over in her pajamas.

We played Yahtzee and had fun so Games Night is happening occurring on Fridays!


Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “oc.” Find a word that starts with “oc” and use it in your post. Bonus points if you start and end with your post with an “oc” word. Have fun!


JusJoJan 19; Darkness

“Hello Darkness, my old friend”: The last thing I looked at before opening WordPress was the skating routine done to “Sound of Silence”. So beautiful! It’s wowy zowy! (not going to link it….. too many fake junk links, at the end of a too long article)

However Darkness is not my friend, perhaps an old friend I dumped. Living with someone very dark for years made me dark but I have shaken off that shroud and stepped into the light!

Darkness is especially not my friend when the night-light in my bathroom goes out. There are no street lights where I live and there are woods on 3 sides. If it’s a new moon I literally cannot see my hand in front of my face. That’s just too scary when you live alone so I leave a night-light on in the bathroom. (Also so I don’t have to blast light in my eyes in the middle of the night if I get up to pee.)

Now I’m waking up in the dark and loving it! I’m still in a “day off” frame of mind. Every morning I wake up and remember “I don’t have to go there anymore!”

Something else has happened: I’m enjoying my music again! Rock music, R+B and Blues was always my fave but for the last couple of years I’ve wanted peace and quiet. Now I realize the music at the store, the announcements, the oven vents and constant yattering wore me down. I only wanted to open the windows and listen to the leaves rustle and birds sing. Now I’m home all day, day after day, I want some noise and I wanna dance, I’m so happy.

Tonight is my first Games Night. All the chairs I have are filled, including a lawn chair, so if more come ……well, we’ll see what happens!

I’m way out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did this. Darkness is a crappy friend.

This is Darkness wishing he could come to Games Night.





JusJoJan 18; revolt

For the last few years I have been neglecting the hidden areas of my house. I kept my basic living areas clean and tidy but the places unseen became neglected. Book shelves and storage got lightly vacuumed over.  I let my storage area get very bad knowing I had the rest of the winter to organize once I retired.

Last week I stuck my neck out and invited some local friends and neighbours to start a Games Night. There is a clique around here that I have never been part of. I was OK with that because I was usually tired from my job, worked weekends and they like to get very drunk.

But I am implementing change. You could say; revolting against The Clique. I was invited over to my neighbours recently and saw that the older ones are getting a little tired of getting drunk as entertainment.  As you get older and wake up with hangovers, you ask yourself; “Did I really have fun?” Maybe the way I acted was a little revolting. That was 40 years ago for me.

Now there are people coming here and I’m starting to see my place with new eyes. Yesterday I pulled out all the books and knickknacks from a bookshelf in my kitchen, then pulled out the bookshelf to clean. It was revolting. I have large pots stacked up I never look at…. but I did yesterday as if for the first time when the sun shone upon them. Revolting.

Today I’m going to unbury an antique Singer sewing machine that’s in my storage area and move it into my livingroom to replace a very ugly table. Its going to be a huge, messy job but its time to tackle that revolting mess of a storage area.

I hope no one looks in my office.