I have to get out there and give my plants a drink before the sun gets too high and hot. We’ve had no rain in some time and my rain barrels are down to a dribble. Three hot, sunny days in the forecast means I better haul out the hose and water everything with freezing cold, chlorinated water that costs me money.

There are a million mosquitoes out there waiting to drink my blood. Last week I sprayed a gallon of Mosquito Barrier which is a garlic spray and works really well… for a while. It was supposed to last “up to a month” with no rain but it’s worn off already. My place is one little spot surrounded by hectares of Mosquito Paradise. I should do that first before I water.

I don’t drink alcohol because if I did, I would be an alcoholic. It would be very hard for me not to drink before I went into work tonight. It’s a good thing I quit when I recognized I had a problem saying “that’s enough”. Nipped that potential problem in the bud.

But I sure would have more friends if I drank. The women around here would like me and think I was fun and funny. Actually, I am fun and funny but they will never find that out because I don’t drink. For them, getting drunk and having fun is the same thing.

Oh, well, my ex was quite right when he used to say, “You sure can entertain yourself.”

Good for me!

So I’m up bright and early with no hangover, going out to spray for mosquitoes, water my flowers and shrubs then coming in for a drink of pineapple and grape juice mixed with lemonade. Take it easy this afternoon and go into work tonight.

Yes, it’s good thing I don’t drink because I would today.


The links won’t ‘insert’ ….. no pinging back.   I have to publish first, get the URL and put it in ‘comments’.  Is there and easier way?



2 thoughts on “Drink

  1. The lst couple of times I tried, it looked like the pingback worked, but I wouldn’t trust it. Try it, then run over to Linda’s and see if the pingback is there. If not you’ll have to add it manually. I can’t think of an easy way around it.

  2. I find I have more luck with pingbacks if I write my posts in “text” mode and just copy and paste the URL I want to ping to in the body of my post.
    I have SUCH a hard time getting out in the morning before the sun hits my garden!! I usually end up watering an dusk. Mosquito Heaven indeed!

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