Boney M. Saves the Day

My new neighbour is starting to bug me. He’s very young and doesn’t know what it takes to live but gives me advice in a very patronizing manner. It’s so irritating.

One can always find something to back them up on Google images. I was looking for “don’t give advice unless asked” to post on Facebook and found this;

advice1This really gave me food for thought. Those ‘innocent’ little put-downs that are supposed to be funny (but aren’t), that advice from a young man who does not pay rent, work, clean or cook,  leave their mark. That’s why I get irritated; it’s a little pain caused by a little shove down. It’s like a paper cut that can hardly be seen but hurts long after.

I’m proud of how much I do by myself. Once again, I’ll pat myself on the back because no one else is going to. You have to give to yourself!

(Note; I appreciate the real advice I’ve had on WordPress from my peers who apologize in advance for even suggesting something! I’m talking about men who have a spouse to keep it all going.)


Then I saw the video that’s been making me laugh for a few days and all my irritation melted away.

No prompts, no more rants……. I’ve got a day off, it’s pouring rain and I’m glad! No one is going to bug me today! (knock on wood)