Summer is not my favourite season. Most people think of holidays, beach, beer, BBQ’s, fun with friends; all that stuff I don’t do.  You’ve heard of a party-pooper, well…..I am a summer-pooper.

Being vegetarian, getting invited to BBQ’s poses a conundrum; to go or not to go? That is the question. I don’t mind other people eating meat but someone will notice I’m not and ask why. This is a question I don’t want to answer at a BBQ while everyone is salivating over meat! (Besides, honestly; it stinks.)

I don’t drink alcohol. While everyone is holding a glass up and getting cheerfully loaded, I have to hide what I do and wait to get home. When you don’t drink, drunkenness is neither fun nor funny but it certainly is socially acceptable.  Light up a joint? What a degenerate! I never would have guessed you where a pot-head!

The beach is almost inaccessible in the summer. The parking lots are full on a hot day and the lakeshore road with no parking signs is lined with cars. The beach is crowded and I know most of those people are peeing in the lake so they don’t have to use the smelly pit toilets. This year the lake is unusually high leaving only a narrow strip of beach.  It’s going to be standing room only.

IPPERWASH — Beachgoers could be jostling each other for blanket space on Great Lakes shores this year, with water levels lapping toward a two-decade high.

Source: Rising Great Lakes leaving winners and losers


I have always worked in the summer. Keeping bees is summer work and the farmers markets are buzzing, too. Getting the bees set up and rotating their boxes to bring in honey is hard work in the heat. Harvesting, extracting, bottling and moving boxes of honey jars is constant once the honey flow begins.

When I moved here, to a beach community, summer meant employment opportunities. I worked in a beach-side convenience store, their ice-cream stand another summer, cleaned cottages and now I am at a grocery store in a beach/tourist town that is crazy busy all summer. The traffic and the heat makes it hell to get into work. (My car doesn’t have air conditioning.) I get more hours and shifts in the summer, working as much as I can to save up for the high cost of heating in the winter.

I have experienced some envy. Working at the ice-cream parlour was the worst. I don’t know why people think this sounds like fun because it isn’t . It’s hard work, especially if the ice cream is hard! Customers are people having a fun summer and you are not. Mothers at the cottage for the summer bring their kids in for a daily ice-cream: Do you know how lucky you are? Apparently, not!  At the grocery store I see so many retired couples planning for their weekend with kids and grand kids. Again: so lucky!

Today is the first day of summer and it’s a full moon. I’m supposed to focus on what I do have and not what I don’t have.

  • Sometimes a day off will coincide with a beach day with my grandnieces and grandnephew…. I love that! The kids make it fun.
  • I have central air-conditioning and a programmable thermostat! I can leave it set at 28C while I’m at work then come down to 26C before I get home.  Love it.
  • So You Think You Can Dance is on in the summer. Love it.

Yeah, I guess summer is not so bad.