Molly Sky

Sky  is the middle name of my grandniece, Molly. She’s a fiercely beautiful warrior/ gymnast who likes her hair and life wild. She would rather be wolf than a princess.

Molly’s attends an ‘outdoor’ school once a week, rain or shine. She loves it and doesn’t find it a hardship at all, even in the winter.

Her style is unique and creative. ‘Frozen’ leggings with a laughing Olaf and bright, lime green shorts over….. shoes to match the shorts. Well-matched accessories, usually a hair band with something fun on it.

I love her and my other grandniece and grandnephew so much. Being on my own with no children, I feel very fortunate to have them in my life. I often say, “I’m sure glad my sister had kids!”

Tomorrow is her birthday, June 4th.  When she was born it was such a blessing for our family. A few years earlier my mom died on June 5th, her 80th birthday. Because it was her birthday and death day, the date was an anniversary of grief. But with Molly born the day before, I felt certain my mom sent an angel to turn our sadness into joy.

Happy Birthday, Molly Sky!