Prompt: Clouds

The only clouds around here are in my head. It’s the work hangover and I really overindulged yesterday.

I was supposed to work 5:00 10:00 p.m. but my boss phoned in the morning and asked if I could come in at 2:00 because it was so busy, John (the Big Boss) was coming and he was trying to do inventory.

The summer traffic has begun on the highway going into town. In between the beach I live at and the beach/tourist town I work in is the very popular Pinery Provincial Park. Campers are coming in for the weekend, setting up then driving to Grand Bend for food and entertainment. The town is packed, motels are full and the grocery store is mayhem.

This is the Food Frenzy that happens at Christmas and Thanksgiving. People have that list, carefully put together over days of planning just the right food to get for the weekend. They want what is on that list and if it’s not there they come and ask for it and tell you why they need it. Every retired person was there because it was the day before the day before the Holiday. This was their chance to not have to shop today which will be crazy.

It was crazy enough yesterday, so happy I’m not there today. I ran the gauntlet of customers and retreated to my car for my break. Then I went in and cleaned the whole damn bakery.

So the clouds are in my head and my head is in the clouds. But no sign of clouds in the sky. We are having such a drought its making local news. They even ran a poll. “Would you paint your lawn if it went brown?” 82% said no.

Big, dark clouds full of rain are badly needed. It’s finally coming on Friday; Canada Day. I have it off but I’d rather be working for ‘time and a half’. Instead, I’m working Saturday and Sunday when the weather will be great and tourists in high gear.

So have a fun weekend and be nice to the people working hard to serve you.


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