6 thoughts on “We’re All Human

  1. :::waves hand::: Leave it to me to slightly argue with the positive comments. 🙂 Agreed… to a point. I think we should start out treating everyone the same. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. People deserve respect as the go-to position. That said, people’s actions can cause them to (deservedly) lose respect. There are some rotten folks out there who, while perhaps deserving of basic human rights (and there you start falling into a very slippery slope), are down right dangerous to have around you.

  2. :::waves hand::: Leave it to the grumpy person to argue, a tad, with the positive comment. 😀
    I agree with you to a point. I think everyone out there deserves to be treated with kindness and respect as the default position. People get the benefit of the doubt. But people also act in ways to lose respect (and kindness). There are people out there who are downright dangerous to be around. It becomes a slippery philosophical discussion…

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