The Biker Gang

Tell us about a situation that was not funny at all while it was happening, but that you now laugh about whenever you remember it.

Many years ago I rented a house with a friend on the outskirts of a small town.  I had just been hired in the library and she was looking for work. The house was in the middle of a grape and peach orchard; I wanted to rent it, needed a roommate, and she was ready for a change.

It didn’t take long to meet a couple of young men who came over for a few beers. (That sure wouldn’t happen these days, I would never invite a stranger over to my house) We possibly had a few too many and bragged about our ‘city’ lives in Toronto and Vancouver. Cocaine was cool in those days and we sometimes got offered it for free. (Another ‘NEVER again!’)

We were respectable young women….. I worked in library and looked like it.

A few days later I heard a rumbling noise. My friend ran into the room and cried, “There’s a biker gang coming down our driveway!”

Sure enough,  a line of very tough-looking, leather-bound bikers on big, weird motorcycles were coming single file down our driveway. They drove behind the house and parked, side by side. We watched in horror; Were they going to gang rape us?  We live in an orchard; no one would hear our screams.

The ‘leader’ got off his bike and headed toward our back door. We opened it the width of one head and I stuck my face out above hers. Our eyeballs must have been popping out of our heads. We clutched the door with white knuckles in case he tried to kick it open.

“I heard you might know where to buy some cocaine” he said. (Thinking back now he probably wanted to laugh heartily at the two scared, little faces.)

“Cocaine?” we said together. “NO! …not.!… don’t……” we blithered.  We were crazed with fear, shaking our heads uncontrollably.

“OK, Thank you.”  was all he said and turned and left. They started up their bikes and left, one by one, singe file. Phew! Gang rape diverted.


Looking back now they were probably undercover policemen…… but maybe not….. I’ve met a lot of nice bikers in my time.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”

5 thoughts on “The Biker Gang

  1. Fun story to read. Our imaginations can really do a number on us. If I lived alone and didn’t have big dogs, I’d get a recording of big dogs barking. I too, am glad the story ended well. I think it was Mark Twain that said something like, I’ve had lots of fears in my life, but most of them never happened, or something like that.

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