Let Them Eat Cake


‘Eat’. Damn. Here I was all ready to do a SoCS and find the prompt is ‘eat’. Nothing I wanted to talk about can be made into an ‘eat’ word. It said ‘don’t cheat’ so there’s that one taken. How about……. some neat things happened this week!

Last night I worked my last night shift for a while. I hope. We hired a new student and one of the bakers wanted to work nights, too. Best of luck to them…… last night I didn’t get the one mop until minutes before closing. They were turning off the lights and yelling at me as I ran.  NO MORE! I’m so happy. My shifts are mostly 10:00 to 3:00, my favourite shift! Sweat! (OK, that’s ‘sweet’ changed to ‘-eat’ but it doesn’t work)

But even more neat things happened this weak.(That’s definitely cheating)  Zumba started back Monday and Wednesday. It’s in a high school so we don’t do it all summer. It really makes me feel better, mentally and physically.

On Wednesday evening, about an hour before Zumba, my neighbour came and offered me the concrete slabs for my front side walk I had been eyeing that were stacked by his house. My old sidewalk had been used in my woodshed and never replaced. It was grassy and wet. Plop, plop, he put down a concrete sidewalk one by one and brought some split an broken extras.

While he was doing that a young man drove down in what I thought was an ATV. It wasn’t a  friend of my neighbours because they didn’t talk to each other. He walked toward me reaching into his pocket and I was a little worried. He brought out a ‘receipt’ which had some numbers from an old print-out adding machine with bad writing beside each number. He tried to read each one as he pointed with his finger. My lawn mower,…… I had been looking into the sun, he drove down on my lawn mower!  It was fixed!

Within one hour I had a new sidewalk and my lawn mower and went to Zumba, feelin’ good.  The next day I worked 10:00 to 3:00, decorated 4 cakes, made some cream pies and Fruitta De Bosco, left at the end of my shift, went home and mowed my lawn.

Last night, my last night for while, I decorated a cake for my sister. Her birthday is today and the whole family is going to her house. I have today, tomorrow and Monday off! Yes, I’m feeling pretty good!

I hope she doesn’t read this post today and ruin the surprise. The whole family can EAT cake!

I hope it’s OK to put a photo in SoCS…..