A SoC Vent.

socs-badge-2015It’s a good thing you give a prompt for this, otherwise I would be staring at my screen wondering what to write. Today the prompt is ‘temp‘ and a few things came to mind so I will stumble along my dried-up of consciousness.

The first ‘temp‘ that comes to mind is fellow blogger Laura L. who was unemployed but just got a temporary job. https://wtfaioa.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/totally-buried-lede/   Life is so often like Star Trek….. it’s the final countdown to disaster but something happens at the last second to save the day.

I lost my temper last night at work and left a note. Now I’m mad at myself for leaving a note and wishing I hadn’t. Our temporary summer hours, open until 11:00, are over now. My shift would have ended at 10:00 giving me an hour’s grace to really finish the job. Now we are closed at 9:00 and I have to be done.  My boss called me in early because we had so many special cake orders. There was a sink FULL of muffins pans and baking equipment. A muffin pan is like 12 things and they are very heavy.

I was getting perturbed that I wasn’t going to get done. Because I went in early I was entitled to a half hour break…… I took 10 minutes to wolf down a sandwich and see “who wore it best”.

We have a huge, chest-high, bin for thrown-away bread that I use to throw away the ‘bin buns’ at night. It was full so they had filled a shopping cart with more bread and left it in front of the bin. ‘They’ is two younger men that worked there in the day time then left the job for the person at night….. the old lady or the teenager. That’s when I lost my temper and wrote a note, “NO!” I was not going to attempt to maneuver that bin out the front doors and around the building….. at night!

Then I wrote, “There’s not enough time!”   At 8:50 I went for my mop and bucket and there were no mops! OMG, How could I not lose my temper!

The two young men who worked in the deli had it but weren’t using it and let me take it. I cleaned those floors in 5 minutes. Not as good as I would like but it got done and I punched out at 9:02. There were still customers in the store when I left……. bastards!

My boss has to work one night a week because the managers take turns doing the final “closing”. I’ve noticed he makes as many muffins as he can the day before so he doesn’t get left with stacks of muffin pans.  I wish I could do that.  I his defence, he stayed late yesterday, making it close to a 12 hour day, to make Snicker Bar Cakes while we worked on the special orders.

We all work damn hard!