Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “light.”  Make use of it any way you like. Have fun!

‘Lighter’ is my first thought.  I feel lighter today. It ain’t the heat, it’s the humidity.


Yesterday morning, at my computer, I opened the window and hot fog rolled in….. yuck! Not feeling well to begin with, I was having abdominal discomfort and feeling rather heavy the in the lower regions, this made a fog in my brain worse.

And I wrote a bummer post.

Today is lighter. This morning I opened windows to cool it off although I have to close them now as the heat is starting. Yesterday I ate only fruits and vegetables (Ok, I had some chips.) so I feel lighter, too.

I don’t have to work today! Yes, Saturday, Labour Day weekend. I can just imagine Grand Bend right now and the grocery store; the frenzy, the insanity…….. and I can lounge in my cool, quiet living room.  Our beach will be crazy, too.  Labour Day weekend people go nuts, like “It’s my last chance to have fun!”

Yes, I shall lounge today. Eat light. Maybe do some YouTube yoga.  In a few hours I will have to close my living room curtains to block out the light. I feel crazy myself when I hear something and peek out.

I have to be completely well tomorrow, I’m working 8:00 until noon. My boss forgot to give me tomorrow off, as I requested for my grandnephew’s birthday party, so he said I could go in early and leave at noon.  That’s great because I still have today and Monday off!

Time to close all the windows, sigh…… looking forward to fall.