Out With the Old (decorations)

First of all I want to revel in the fact that I don’t have to work today or tomorrow! That’s a big deal because I work in a grocery store¬†bakery and its Saturday, New Years Eve. Yesterday they were freaking out because we were sold out of so many things: today will be insane!

Ha Ha! I’m not there!

Tomorrow will be depressing at work; the morning after.

That’s how my Christmas tree looks now. The last couple of weeks it sparkled merrily but now it looks cheap and gaudy. Those little Santas waving above my cupboard look tired and¬†need to be laid to rest. Christmas decorations after Christmas just look sad.

I’m happy to be home today for my year-end ritual; each icicle and ornament careful unhung and put in their proper box marking the end of another year.



I was going to save this for One-Liner Wednesday but it wouldn’t have the same meaning as today; New Year’s Eve;

“Tonight, if someone dares you to do something that seems marginally stupid– say yes. For me.”