Sacred Land

The First Nation Peoples of Turtle Island (North America) have a very important message for us now and that is our land is sacred. The land, water, animals, birds, fish, trees, plants;  all sacred.

That’s the attitude we need to take if we are really going to turn things around. The big corporations are raping and destroying this planet for profit. We all know the pursuit and use of oil is damaging our environment so we double up and squeeze every last drop we can get out of it.

The stand-off happening now at Standing Rock is the beginning of a movement similar to the protests in the southern states in the 1960’s. People stood up and fought for what is right and that’s the kind of fight we are in for.

Even our own hippy, tree-hugging Prime Minister couldn’t stop the expansion of the pipelines here in Canada. He just approved two showing that he can’t just wave his hand and stop them. It’s up to us to protest; to try to stand up against Goliath on our own.

Recently I watched a show called “Sand Wars” about the use of sand to make concrete, the cheapest building material. The oceans are being dredged for sand and sold to make concrete. Tons and tons of sand vacuumed up from the ocean floor, along with all the plants and creatures, and shipped to cities all over the world for the constant construction of new buildings. Along with our voracious appetite for fish, the oceans cannot sustain themselves much longer.

We have to get it into our collective consciousness that this land is sacred. This is our Mother Earth and we are not honouring her. We are raping and abusing her. But that will never hit home if we would rather go shopping or gambling for entertainment. The buildings, the lights, the glitter, the noise…… blinding us into thinking this is normal.   Get out of there! Don’t go shopping if you don’t need anything! Go out for walk in nature, take a drive by the lake or ocean and connect with what is real.

This land is sacred and we are defiling it. It’s time to turn around and honour our Mother.