My $10 Ovation

Will I get the ovation I so richly deserve today?

Yesterday was Boxing Day, a day of rest for most people. My boss had asked me if I was OK with Dec. 26th a couple of weeks earlier and I said ‘yes’ as I had nothing going on. It was supposed to be 10:00-4:00 which isn’t too bad. He said it would be really slow and I might get to go home early when afternoon shift came in.

Just before Christmas my boss said the owner wanted me to come in at 8:00 a.m. to help the baker get everything out. I was not happy. We weren’t opening until 9:00; did he really think people would be flocking in first thing Boxing Day?

Well, they did. Not only did they come in early, we were busier than the two days before Christmas!  They were asking for stuff we hadn’t bagged up yet. They were scoffing up buns and cakes up so fast I could hardly keep up. The baker decided he better do up another rack of buns. Our fancy proofer can quick steam heat and raise buns from frozen to ready to bake in an hour.

The afternoon girl was supposed to be in at 2:00 so I was trying my best to get the next days break-outs at least started, hoping to leave when she came in. The baker took the rack of buns out of the oven and said, “Well, these will take a while to cool. I’m leaving now.” and left. There was so much to be done and he just walked out because his shift was over.

The shelves were bare. People were wanting everything. Even birthday cakes: ‘can you write on this?’ I was changing Merry Christmas Yule logs to Happy New Year to fill the empty spaces in the cake counter.

I had a feeling about Dominique all day. She is our worst student; a terrible worker, she’s been written up twice. I was sure she would call in sick and was surprised when she didn’t. Instead she just didn’t show up. At 2:05 I knew she was a no-show.

The deli sent a student to help me which was hard because we are friends and he thought it was fun!  He helped me with a few things but sometimes its harder to show someone how to do something rather than just do it yourself. Not only that he talked and talked…. I finally had to say, “OK, I can take it from here, thanks!”

At four o’clock the assistant manager came down and said I could forget cleaning the floors if I gave it a really good sweep and handed me a $10 gift card. She said, “Thanks for staying.”   That was nice! a bit of an ovation.

By 4:30 I had the buns all out, the break-outs done and the entire bakery cleaned. I shut off the lights and high-tailed out of there!

Today I’m on the afternoon shift, thank goodness, because I’m still sitting around in my house coat nursing on coffee.  I can’t imagine not showing up and sticking people with my work no matter how much I don’t want to go  in today.

But will I get an ovation from The Todd’s?  (both my boss and the owner/manager are Todds).Who cares? I did a damn good job and I’m going to use my gift card to buy marked down chocolates.

I can give it to myself!


I can do IT ALL!