Carefree Today!

Today I am carefree! I am going to the beach with my family. My sister has my grandnephew, (sorry my niece has to work) and we are joining my nephew, his wife and their two girls.

Here’s all the reasons I’m carefree today;

  • I have the day off work and put N.A. on my schedule.
  • I don’t care about what’s going on at work AT ALL.
  • I don’t have to drive, my sister is picking me up.
  • It doesn’t matter if my house is a mess because no one is coming in.
  • I watered after work yesterday. Today promises a humidex of 40C . It’s been sunny, hot and windy. Plants will bake today.
  • My bathing suit still fits and didn’t gross me out when I tried it on.
  • My pay cheque came in today and my savings account is comforting.


A hot, sunny day at the beach with kids!  YAY! I’m carefree today!

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