False Hope

Another false weather forecast promising rain. This morning I was so disappointed to wake up to blue sky again. I was all set to stay indoors and enjoy the dark sky, cooler temperatures and water, beautiful water falling from the heavens.

Instead, I opened my window at 6:30 a.m. and got a hot, humid slap in the face. We had some rain last night; enough to get some in the rain-barrels but not enough for a good soaking. At least I won’t have to use metered, freezing cold, chlorinated water: it’s already noticeable on my water bill. I’ll have enough to haul buckets of water, through clouds of mosquitoes, around my house giving everything a much-needed dousing of water. It would be so very much better if it would just RAIN. Please, just rain!

I’ve got the window open beside me because I love to hear the birds in the morning but hot, wet air is making my skin feel tacky. It makes me grouchy.

It’s been so bad when I see torrential downpours on the Weather Network I think; “are they ever lucky, look at all that water!”. I check the radar regularly hoping to put off the barrel brigade. Big bands of green and orange float over Michigan towards us, then split in half taking all the rain north and south.

It’s clouding over now and the air is thick with moisture. The mosquitoes will be ferocious! Please, please, let it loose! I want to sit by a window with the curtains open watching water pour down all day long.

Just checked the radar again: false hope. It’s going to be clammy and cloudy.

“What the province needs is several days of light, steady rainfall, to soak the ground and refill reservoirs and waterways, however based on what the forecast is showing, the drought conditions are likely to only get worse.”

This song is also appropriate for the sad news of hatred we’ve seen way too much of this week.  We need rain and we need LOVE.