Home Sweet Sanctuary

My home really is my sanctuary. I often use that word to myself when I’m remembering how grateful I should be. A whole house to myself with air conditioning, a laundry room, satellite TV, computer; things most of us take for granted but every once in a while I remember how lucky I am.

It’s so peaceful here. I’m surrounded by trees, tucked into the woods, behind a house that’s on the road hiding me. It’s hidden away from anyone’s sight making me feel even more secure. Privacy is so important to me, I fear the day I have to give it up.

The summer is overrun with tourists, young people and fast cars, whole families banded together coming to The Beach. It’s crazy and noisy.

In one hour I will be leaving my sanctuary and go out there, to the store I work in, with blaring fluorescent lights and music, spotted with loud announcements , “…….and have a wonderful day!”  (Oh , yeah, I’m having a wonderful day.)  Being whipped into a frenzy because I don’t work fast enough, so many more customers, a freezing cold ‘break’ room with the same music and announcements and people talking over that, asking me stuff. Please don’t make me talk on my break! When the weather is nice I can take my break in my car….. my little sanctuary away from Sanctuary.

I haven’t left yet but I can’t wait to get home to my sanctuary. Something I can think about today ….. my quiet, dark, cool home and it’s mine, all mine.