Long Weekend

It’s long weekend on both sides of the border. We get some American tourists as I live only a 1 hour drive from the border. Some have had cottages here for generations.

We talk amongst ourselves that you ‘can always tell when it’s an American’. I heard that the other day. A woman had her nose wrinkled and alluded to the fact that we didn’t have much. My co-worker whispered, “probably American”.

Yesterday was Canada Day. I was supposed to be off so I took my monthly medication for osteoporosis which makes my intestines expand to full capacity.  I had just taken it, along with the large glass of water, when my boss phoned and asked it I could come in. Not passing up ‘time and a half’ I said yes.

Do you know how long intestines are? Very, very long. When expanding, they are so very uncomfortable. Even my thoughts were pushed aside by the alien growing inside me.

There were five of us in the bakery going crazy, weaving through carts, competing for counter space. Customers were demanding. (They were probably American)

It was a long day. I was counting the hours to half-time for my break then counting the hours until 5:00.  One of our students, the laziest, said her parents wanted her leave. My boss turned and asked if I could work until 6:00. He had been in since 5:00 a.m. and really wanted to go at 5:00 p.m.  If I said no, he would stay until 6:00.

I stayed until 6:00.

This morning he is in there already while I am leisurely having coffee beside an open window. A breeze is rustling the leaves and warblers are sweetly singing. The sun is rising behind the trees throwing a beautiful living silhouette on the wall opposite the window. I feel very fortunate.

But out there, in the world, it’s still the Long Weekend. I’m working tonight (I sure hope he doesn’t call me in early) then I’m back in tomorrow.

My Stream of Consciousness has used enough words now, my mind is drifting away…..