or Lack of

Concentration. This is Stream of Consciousness Saturday so I don’t have to concentrate. It’s too hard. Last night I kept waking up every two hours until I gave up trying to get back to sleep around 6:00.

Tonight and tomorrow I have the dreaded concentration of work hours; the Saturday night/ Sunday morning colliding shifts. He must think I’m the safest one to put on Saturday night and Sunday morning because a student will most likely “get sick” and I’ll get called in last-minute anyway.  He knows I’m not doing anything.

Mind you, I’ve just had two very relaxing days off inside my house staying cool. It’s been oppressively hot and humid and I’ve had no desire to go shopping for something I don’t need. I started doing yoga for seniors from YouTube.

We finally had a huge thunderstorm and good downpour last night. Today I have all the windows open, a cool breeze is rustling the leaves and blowing through the house. Heavenly. Such a huge relief….. the shrubs and trees look so happy!

I’m somewhat prepared for the work marathon. Both aprons are clean, the gas tank is full,  I have good cheese and bread for my lunches……. everything except sleep.

Today is the Powwow and I’m not going. I have to rest today or tonight will be too hard and tomorrow I’ll feel like hell. There is a good chance he will call me in early because that’s how the summer rolls.

But then, I am here, now …… enjoying the peace. I’m not there, getting run off my feet and answering stupid questions;

The other day I was walking into work carrying my lunchbag. A guy walking in next to me noticed my T-shirt and asked “What aisle is flour in?”  Go look for it, buddy, the store isn’t that big!

Twice last week I had phone calls asking what kind of cakes we had. Yes, tell them every single type of cake we have; there are about 30. One hung up on me, the other was just mad she had to come to the store.

Why don’t we have a Barbie cake when Barbie cakes are in our fancy cake display book?

You need a certain kind of concentration to deal with these types. When you are tired and frazzled you just want to say, “Really? Are you f__ing kidding me?”

I like the nasty, “Well then I’ll go to No Frills!”  What a good sport, thank you!

There are the overly polite types, too.  You feel eyes on you, staring, and turn to see a sheepish person holding an unsliced loaf of bread, “I didn’t want to bother you……” or “when you have minute…..” It’s OK!  I’ll never have a spare minute!

Oh well, all I’m missing tonight is bad TV. I’m going a little stir crazy anyway, I might as well get out with people and get paid for it.

What was this about? oh yeah, concentration. hehehe