Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday.  I put it above Christmas which is getting out of hand. After this weekend we will be deluged with Christmas commercials so much we will be sick of it by mid-December.  But they haven’t been able to cash in on Thanksgiving as much other than for food.  No religion required.

This year there is no heart warming family gathering but I’m still feeling grateful for all I have.  I’m so grateful to even have a family. I couldn’t have children but my sister did. So I have nieces, nephews , grandnieces and grandnephews. This year they all have other dinners to go to but I’m not disappointed. Being a vegetarian, there is always way too much fuss about what I’m going to eat and then carving a turkey in front of me is disturbing to all. No, I’m happy they are going for their turkey.  I’m grateful they are in my life.

My sister and I will go to our aunt’s retirement home on Sunday. I’m thankful my sister is doing this and I can just go with her. I’m thankful that we are her only heirs and she is 91.  That may sound cold but, hey, I’m still grateful for that.

I’m thankful I still have my health and can enjoy this incredible weather while the leaves are changing.  I live near a beach on Lake Huron and can walk on it any day. I can do Zumba, which is the best prescription for depression.

I could go on about all the things I’m grateful for that would get boring.  Just look at what is good about your life and be grateful.



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