Daily Prompt; Bloggers, Unplugged

ImageEverything is a habit. The way we wake up, eat, dress, get through the day and spend our evening is all habit. We carve the groove of our life deeper and deeper with these habits everyday until we end up in rut we can’t climb out of. 

 How much time we spend on the computer or phone is a fairly new habit for us elders so it varies greatly.  We were already grown up when home computers became popular. Before that only a scientist or a mathematician would own a computer. Some of us relished the idea…. easy communication;  I could be a hermit and yet have the whole world at my finger tips.  Creativity; Paint, fonts, colours all so easy.

It didn’t take long before everyone wanted and needed a computer. (except for the curmudgeons that still refuse to have one)  So we made a slot in our day for time on the computer.

Some got jobs using computers.  They spend all day on it so that’s the last thing they want to do when they get home. Unless they can do Facebook at work, they’re not on it.

For me it’s my morning routine; I set my coffee maker up at night so I can just press the button in my morning daze. Then I turn on my computer.  E-mails, weather, horoscopes, news, Facebook, habit, habit, habit. Now I have added ‘blog’ to that list. 

It takes two coffees to do my computer stuff; by this time the sun is up and the day is beginning. Time to “get off this thing” and get on with my day.

Right now the rising sun is shining on the tops of trees that are changing to their fall colours and that just revs me up to get OUT THERE.  I turn it off ‘at the floor’ and it’s off for the rest of the day. Only if I’m expecting an e-mail or entering a contest on Ellen do I even think of booting it up again during the day.  And night….. that’s for watching the other big box I can recline in front of.


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