Rocking grandmas

o-MOTORHEAD-900o-PILLOW-900o-ACDC-900somedayGet used to it everybody; the first generation of rockers are aging out. The first girls that screamed at Elvis’s pelvis are seniors now. What do people expect; suddenly get a taste for Lawrence Welk when you turn 60?  We are all going to listen to and love what we listened to and loved all our lives.

OK, maybe it’s a little too raucous sometimes. When I want to listen to Led Zepplin it’s usually during the day, doing housework. I’m good for an hour or so before I need to tone it down to some Tragically Hip.  I can’t do the dishes without music.

Oh, there’s the Celine Dion set for sure…. but they were always that way. They were never real rockers to begin with.

We are going to have to have nursing homes that have concerts on the big screen with surroundsound and a place outside for smoking and I don’t mean cigarettes, but they can join us if they don’t mind getting a contact buzz.

I’m sure there will enough of us to demand it.