my first blog

I’m 60 years old, single and unemployed. What a great time to start a blog! 

I ended up this way because I stuck out a bad marriage for way too long.  I didn’t think he was abusive because he didn’t beat me. He always promised to get better but he just kept getting worse.  People can make fun of Dr. Phil all they want but I have to say he made me ask myself some hard questions.  I went to counselling and discovered that I did, indeed, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  I needed someone to tell me that!

Unfortunately, my husband did not agree and is mad at me to this day for “changing”.  This change was standing up to him and wanting some happiness for myself.

I did it….. I started all over again at 55.  It was not easy.  I ended up in my sister’s guest room and got a job in a convenience store.  Disappointment is too small a word for what I felt.  Chest crushing, lump in my throat depression was what I felt for a long time.

I got a settlement a bought myself a small house at the beach.  Not on the beach, of course, but a few blocks away and surrounded by trees.  I couldn’t have landed in a better place; I’m so grateful.

I tried making enough money working for myself and doing odd jobs but my savings ran out and now I need a real job.  It costs a lot of money to live even when you own your house. And if you don’t like to live ‘in town’ then you need the money to keep a car.

So that’s enough of the past…. this is how I got here and now I’m moving forward.  I really just want to put away my firewood; clean up my garden and turn my compost, but I have to get a job.  At my age I’m wondering if I can work and keep a house.

I don’t know where this is going…. I only know I’m certainly not alone.  Too old to work….. too young to die!