SoCS: dirty to clean


Oh good; more opportunity to talk about my big painting project. You can see why I have so many hundreds of followers.

Yesterday I continued emptying my living room in preparation to paint. I moved furniture into the guest room and took everything off the walls. Its shockingly dirty.

I have a woodstove which is responsible for the grey tinge in the corners but when I started to take stuff off the walls it left an outline of grey, dusty grime.

I have a very short set of shelves (once a headboard) that’s adjacent to the woodstove. When I pulled that out I screamed! OMG! Dust and dirt and cobwebs . . .  I found 5 pencils, a ruler and a sweet grass braid all bound up in dust and cobwebs.

My first thought was; I’m not doing this without a puff first. (marijuana; its legal here) After that; I donned my gardening gloves and moved in stealthily with my vacuum hose, picking out fallen pencils and vacuuming them off, sucking up blackened dusty crap.

I should be ashamed of myself! But I’m not, so there.

I finished what I wanted to accomplish yesterday; getting every unnecessary thing out and exposing all the dirt. Today I start cleaning; washing the walls. Its a lot of work but it really is important before painting.

My other rooms where easy due to low ceilings: I could use a step stool. The living room has a high ceiling so I’ll be up and down on a ladder all day. This could be the worst part of the whole job; washing the walls with Mr. Clean (or M. Net if you are French)

Mr. Clean gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute. Mr. Clean can clean your whole house and everything that’s in it.

(Sorry, I can’t help it.)

I can keep my TV plugged in, thankfully. Its on a rolling cabinet. Yesterday I watched two movies while doing this; Cry Freedom! and Witness. In the morning I made a playlist calling ‘painting’. Its over four hours long.  I listened to many podcasts while painting the other rooms so there’s still that. I couldn’t do this without some music or entertainment. Well, I could but it would be awful.

So clean/dirty is going to be dirty>clean today!



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “clean/dirty.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like.

5 thoughts on “SoCS: dirty to clean

  1. We are all in the same boat . I moved our bed a few weeks ago. You should have seen the dust bunnies underneath it! I have no idea where all the dust comes from in this house, which reminds me, I need to dust my ceiling fan blades. As long as I keep them on, no one can notice. Maybe you should paint your room a dusty grime color…😂 ~Elle

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