RDP: prepare


Good word for today. That is what is on my agenda; preparing to paint.

The painting part is actually easy: its the preparation that take so long, especially when you are 66 and do everything by yourself.

I posted Wednesday that I cleaned out the corner of my living room that has a woodstove and firewood rack. That was enough for one day; I had to get outside and do some weeding as the weather was so nice!

Yesterday I sorted and stacked all the magazines I’ve acquired over the years. My sister subscribes them and I let them stack up here. I took as many as I could carry to my afternoon volunteer gig at Opening Doors. The CAA travel magazines went into recyclables.

And that’s as much as I got done yesterday: this is going to take a long time.

Today and all weekend I have no commitments. Its all prepare, prepare. Empty the living room, wash the walls and tape, tape, tape.  My TV and Big Chair will stay in the middle of the room.

I don’t care if it takes all weekend just to prepare to paint. . .  it probably will.

I’ll need to take a few ‘Spanish Pauses”.