SoCS: How to Watch TV

I watch a lot of TV and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Like most people, I hate commercials and have found ways to avoid them. Here are my instructions for watching TV:

Record everything; constantly peruse the guide for shows that have too many commercials and save them. Sometimes you want to watch smart stuff but sometimes you want stupid stuff with people who make you feel better about yourself. Ghost and scary shows can be saved for daytime viewing when there aren’t many ghosts around. The Daily Show can be recorded to watch at dinner the next day instead of sleeping through most of it. Old movies can be saved for rainy afternoons.

Perhaps you see a show that is streaming and you want to watch it now. Watch it until the first commercial then start a recorded show. The show that is streaming is running behind the recorded show so you can run it back when the recording is stopped.  Its good to keep half hour shows and shows with comedians or skits such as SNL for that purpose so that you can stop it and go back to the streaming program; running it back to where you left off.

Watching Dateline and 48 Hours at the same time is not recommended; it gets very confusing.

Your feet should be up on an ottoman or something similar. (Right now I have a Rubbermaid storage bin with a pillow on top). Remotes should be at a 50°angle just beyond your reach. That way you get a little movement to keep your blood circulating. You’re working your core!

Snacks should be at a 30° within reach. A drink should be on the opposite side, also within the 30- 50° angle and within reach. Your cell phone should be within viewing sight but not desperately close. If you are serious about TV, its more important than your phone.

Warning: DO NOT watch Dr. Pimple Popper while you are eating.

I hope this has enhanced your TV viewing experience.




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