SoCS: chew/ choo

Wassa matta whit choo? That’s what came to mind. How can a make a post about chewing? Mmm. those M ‘n M’s I chewed on last night where so good.

I wanted to write about my friend, a spider, who lived under my kitchen window for almost two months. I would like to say she chewed on ants but spiders suck rather than chew.

I left her there because I thought she would be a deterrent for the endless parade of tiny ants that keep looking. looking for something, anything. She would get an ant every once in while, there was a little pile of empty husk ant corpses below her but that didn’t scare them away.

She grew daily and didn’t go anywhere so I left her to the all-you-can-eat-ant smorgasbord.

Ants chew. Damn it, they can find the smallest crumb left over and before you know it an army comes out to share the feast. One forgotten grain of cooked quinoa, invisible on the counter, surrounded by little ants looks like a flower as they encircle and chew on it.

I’d choose one spider living with me than these unrelenting ants.

But I had to let her go. The other day there was a familiar little ball next to her. Oh yeah, I’ve seen those little balls explode into hundreds of little tiny spiders and that wasn’t going to happen in my kitchen.

Very carefully, with tweezers, I pulled the sac and the spider into a plastic jar and took her outside. My intention was to put it in a safe, sheltered spot to hatch.

But I dropped it. (Gasp!) I dropped it.  I saw the spider hurry away but could not see the egg sac. I’m pretty sure it fell between the boards on my deck.

I’m sorry Ms. Spider. I didn’t choose to separate you from your babies. Do spiders stick around for the hatching? Do they care? Do they feel their young? Is she upset she’s away from her safe home?

One side of my mind chewed on this for a while but the other side of my mind argued, “WTF? Its only a spider. Don’t be such an idiot.”


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “chew/choo.” Use one or both, any way you’d like.