SoCS: the flip side

My life was flipped upside down last week. I went from being a lonesome hermit to a hostess and gad-about-town gal.

It started when a friend I re-connected on Facebook with wanted to visit. I had told her I was free from the 5th to the 10th thinking she would pick two or three days out of that time. She assumed I meant come for all of that time so I didn’t say otherwise.

My sister was having my grandnephew for the weekend but she already had someone staying in her guest room so she asked if she and my grandnephew could stay at my place. I wanted to see him, too, and thought it would be fun to have them stay here. A lot of people, I know, but I can do this, I thought.

It was fun. . . (see that punctuation, Laura?) We went bowling, watched cartoons, hung out . . .

There were a few hours between when they left and my old friend showed up. It had been 50 years since we’ve seen each other. We talked and talked and talked. . . she is an extrovert, a singer, a witch (Wiccan) and very loud and dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but I got worn down.

I was really struggling second day in. She slept in very late so I at least had most of my morning in silence.  I wrote to my sister telling her of my struggle and said I’m trying, I’m trying …… then I sent it to my friend who was here!

I saw it the next day when she was asleep and I went to my e-mails, OH God I sent her a letter complaining about her! I felt like the smallest, shittiest person in the world.

When she got up I got on my knees and said I did a horrible thing. She needed to go in the bathroom first then came out and said, “its OK if you smoked my pot”

“oh no, it’s so much worse”

Long story short; she was great about it and even laughed. She said it was a good lesson on how to treat an introvert. She wrote back, “Guilty as charged” and we are still writing.

Phew! I had a great time even though I was wearing thin; mustering up words to come out of my mouth. The day after she left (late afternoon) I taught my dance/exercise class and went to Circles. (Both my volunteer gigs are on Thursday) The girl I am paired with didn’t show up so I did child care; looking after a constipated baby.

Friday I had a doctor’s appointment; the last thing on this long week. I ran into a sick friend at the health centre; took her grocery shopping and then home to carry in her groceries. She was talking about stuff she’s told me before many times and I was dying to get home.

Sometime, in all this social flurry, I get a message on Facebook. It was from a native artist I met about 10 years ago and really liked but she moved to Manitoulin Island shortly after we met. She wrote me that she was back and living here now. Today would be a perfect day to invite her over but I just can’t. I cannot flap my lips one more day.

Today I don’t have to go anywhere or talk to anyone.  I am tired. I feel like I did edibles and ran a marathon. They say introverts need to be alone to re-charge and there could not be a better description.

The thing is, I really wanted to see all these people; I really love all these people! But why did they have to show up all at once?


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “lip.” Use it as a word, or find a word with “lip”in it. As always, use any way you’d like.


4 thoughts on “SoCS: the flip side

  1. Oh. My. Gawd. Sending the wrong email! That is like . . . I dunno, something really bad that I can’t think of now, but it is bad. I’m so glad that worked out well for you. Since your artist friend has moved to the area, it is great you can postpone the wanted reunion until you can recharge. After my divorce I was involved with a man who was an extrovert. Yeah, nah . . . Awesome punctuation use in your blog . . .

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