SoCS: ribs

Oh oh, ribs . .  here we go:

I shudder to think of rib-fests. I don’t usually bug people about eating meat but this is a prompt so I’ll say it . . . gross! Slabs and slabs of ribs piled up, thousands of beasts slaughtered for the ritual: people savagely ripping the meat off the bones in a gluttonous orgy, piles of bones stacking up . . . The horror, THE HORROR!!

I used to love them. Now I know it was the BBQ sauce and the texture that is so pleasing. And I guess the primal act of eating the meat off the bones with your hands is part of it.

Until one day, it may happen to you, you’re looking at somebody’s bone. You can see where it’s sawed. You look at a rack of ribs on a BBQ and see a part of an animal.

OK maybe it won’t happen to you but it happened to me. I would never usually talk about this but you don’t know me so tough titties . . . I’ll say it: eating meat is gross. I wouldn’t rib you about a thing like this!

I get it. I would love to have a BBQ rib meatless knock off. In fact I did try one;

Image (36)

Yuck: terrible. Literally tofu in crappy BBQ sauce. I could do much better myself with tempeh and my own BBQ sauce. Perhaps use strips of fake chicken. That’s if I ever get the hankering for that.

I’m not pristine; I’m not vegan. I might use paneer but it doesn’t have that stringy texture that we remember so well, you know, that “fall off the bone” sensation.  Ha! I’m ribbing you. That’s means I’ll pretend it’s a joke but it’s really true.

My elbow to your ribs.

I got ribs,

you got ribs,

all God’s children got ribs!


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rib.” Use it as a word, or find a word with “rib”in it. As always, use any way you’d like.

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