RDP: hungry

I am hungry for silence. I vant to be alone.

She’s sleeping now so I have some peaceful time but I have to wake her up soon.

A friend I haven’t seen in 50 years has come to visit me. We connected through Facebook, wrote back and forth all winter and now she’s visiting me! Its been really great to talk but….. it’s too much.  I am such a severe introvert and she is an extrovert.

She was going to go Thursday but the weather looks bad so she wants to stay until Friday.

Last Friday my sister and grandnephew came and stayed for the weekend. It was fun; we went bowling, played YardZee. They left Sunday morning and my visitor came Sunday afternoon.

I’m getting hungry to be alone. The rumblings are starting: yesterday I’m waiting and waiting to get outside and walk but I’m listening to the detailed account of a friend’s husband’s colonoscopy. I had to stop it and say ‘let’s go!’.

I realized yesterday she asks “why?” way more than my 6 yr. old grandnephew. Since I’m getting worn down, I now only answer, “because I want to”

I’m sorry to sound mean…. I am happy to see her. I just didn’t think it would be for so long. I’ve been living alone for 10 years and I really like it. I want to get up and have no one here.

Well, it’s time to wake her up. We are going to visit my sister today, thank God! A distraction.  Thank You for listening.



3 thoughts on “RDP: hungry

  1. I am finally alone too!
    (well, my son is here sometimes but I am MOSTLY alone)
    It feels great.
    This too shall pass.

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