Two, two, two Prompts in One!

What a big disappointment that today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is ‘ta’ .

The word, “ta,” is British slang for thank you: use it this way, or find any other word that starts with those two letters. Enjoy!


People who say ‘ta’ for ‘thank you’ bug the hell out of me. It’s OK if they are actually from Britain or Australia and use that terms all the time out of habit, but those who just visited Britain or for any other reason decide to use ‘ta’ for ‘thank you’ makes my lip curl. I won’t Enjoy! it, I won’t!

‘Ta-ta’ for ‘good-bye’ or ‘ta-tas’ for breasts don’t bother me at all. Just don’t say ‘ta’ for thank you, thank you.

But that’s not what disappointed me. I could not come up with a ‘ta…’word for what I want to rant about: people who come into the grocery store minutes before closing and want to be served. Not running to pick a couple of things up of the shelves; coming in and wanting meat or bread sliced when the machines and equipment are already cleaned. Or standing in front of my cake display wondering what they want out of the freezer while I’m trying to get the floors mopped before closing.

I saw the young couple walk down at 8:55 while I’m mopping furiously. They stop in front of the cupcake display. NO!  Please, no!  The cupcakes are display; we have them on trays in a rack at the back of the freezer. The freezer lights are off and being special lights for freezers, they don’t just switch on again.

Ignoring them didn’t make them go away so I break off mopping and go ask if they want anything. I’m really struggling with being polite. They want two cupcakes. First I have to get the container, then go into the dark freezer, literally get on my knees and pull out trays trying to find the right cupcakes. I’m swearing profusely because they can’t see me.  Then I had to get codes for each kind of cupcake and make a label for cash.

I’m left with minutes to finish the floor and take the bucket back to other end of the store empty it. I did a crappy job and that bugs me.

The manager had to stand at the front doors to keep customers from coming in and let out those of us lucky enough to finish. There were still customers at the deli when I finally closed the bakery. I felt so bad for the two guys there. We are tired, people, and want to go home. The cashiers are waiting for you so they can cash out.

How inconsiderate, how uncaring some people are.

That’s what I wanted to say.

7 thoughts on “Two, two, two Prompts in One!

  1. That sounds so frustrating! But you know what’s frustrating me right now? I can’t for the life of me remember what the company who quoted, “Two, two, two ___ in one!” was advertising! Mints? If so, which ones? Ahhhh!!!! 😉 🙂 Help?

    • “It’s a breath mint!” “It’s a candy mint!” “Stop, you’re both right! It’s two, two two mints in one”
      But I can’t remember the name!
      But even better was Saturday NIght Live;
      “It’s a floor polish!” “Its a dessert topping!” ……..

  2. Phew, it’s lucky I’m English, because I use “ta” all the time. I shall now use it in the safe knowledge that if I ever bump into you (by some massive coincidence) and need to thank you for something, I shan’t bug you.

  3. I try not to go in places of business at closing time because I know it’s infuriating to employees. H on the other hand doesn’t seem to care. Makes me mad…~Elle

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