Don’t Remind Me

On my days off I like to see what the Daily Prompt’s one-word inspiration is and try to relate it to my blog’s theme…. being sixty (63), single, living on a shoestring, working part-time in a grocery-store bakery.

Today’s prompt is closet.  Bummer …. I’m trying to be inspired here! Instead I get pricked by a thorn reminding me of that little cubicle of hidden mess that I should clean out. There are shoes in there I haven’t worn for a long time. They could making space for the everyday shoes that are strewn around my front and back door.

On the top shelf there is a giant suitcase once owned by my ex’s father. That’s all …just the one suitcase.  I acquired it when I left him and my home about 8 years ago. He told me to “pack my bags and get out” so I did. He let me use the suitcase.

Most of the clothing in there is stuff I never wear but don’t want to throw out. If I was ruthless I could probably get rid of 75% of it. But I’m not. I go through things and save them thinking ‘I’ll wear that again’. I should take down that damn suitcase and fill it full of clothes and shoes for Value Village.

Last week I drove home from work in a snow storm. Today is going to be hot and sunny; summer time temperatures and I have the day off! There is every season’s footwear kicking around now….. winter boots, rain boots, hiking boots, various sneakers for different uses…. it would be a great time to organize this closet.

Damn you, Prompt, why did you have to remind me about that closet?