Be Happy , damn it!

Be happy. That’s what they say, choose to be happy. Like it’s just that simple.


I try, I really, really try.

The last few days I’ve had a bad cold. I worked two days as it was coming on, taking non-drowsy medication to dry me up and keep me going. Yesterday I had the day off and let myself be sick. I watched 23% of my PVR saves and had a couple of short naps, shuffling between the fridge to get ginger-ale, the washroom and keeping the wood stove stoked and hot.

My eye started pussing up in the afternoon and by dinner time it was oozing, itchy and sore. No way was I going to get dressed and drive to town….. I couldn’t. So I visualized having a supportive mate that went to town to get eye drops and made me something wonderful for dinner that would go down smooth and warm making me feel so much better. He would rub my feet and feel sorry for me.

He would listen about my altercation at work when a nagging co-worker finally pushed me over the edge. I’ve been trying to get her out of my head for days; it’s a lot harder when you are alone.

“Visualize your life the way you want it to be!”   Or is it just wishful thinking?

There is a meeting I would like to go to today. However, I have a hacking cough, drippy nose and my eye looks like a red turtle head in the shell, all wrinkled from the swelling last night, and watery.

Maybe its Gravitation Waves, it feels like there is more gravity pulling me down and I’m struggling to stand up. That’s what trying be happy, when you are not, is like.

What a bummer post! It’s just the cold talking. I have to go to town and get those drops because I’m working tomorrow. I will be all better tomorrow and be happy at work …. on a Sunday, wearing a damn baseball hat…… oops…

Be Happy, damn it!